Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Walk out 3 / 14: Public Schools Hypocrisy on Free Speech

Novi Michigan- school districts across the country are allowing their students to walk out of class and it's today to protest guns in schools and honor the 17 killed at Parkland Florida one month ago.

The left is using students as propaganda tools to weaken the Second Amendment.

Proof of this is Novi Michigan. The school issued a memo stating that the students have a First Amendment right to protest and to free speech. However that First Amendment right was not allowed by the same district in 2013 when a group of students wanted to honor God and our country by having a group of students pray around a flagpole. The school cited separation of church and state. However the First Amendment does allow for freedom of speech and the free practice of religion.

Does this not seem hypocritical to you?

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