Friday, March 23, 2018

Donald Trump Must Veto, Senator Rand Paul Blasts 1.3 Trillion Spending Package

The Omnibus Spending package is $1.3 trillion and is over 2,200 pages of spending.  There is no way one could read this over a period of a few days.  Rand Paul attempted but even he couldn't.  He did see enough to vote on on this ridiculous package.  If it passes he wants Donald Trump to veto the bill.

In a series of social media posts he shows the ridiculousness of this spending bill:

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Why is St Patrick Famous?

St. Patrick is well-praised and celebrated for his missionary work in Ireland. He spent around forty years converting the native Irish who were entirely pagan and druidic prior to his arrival with his missionaries. This was his calling and his life’s greatest work, which was blessed by God. St. Patrick is clearly a model evangelist because of how he challenged the people of that time. He challenged their demons and their unholy traditions, and Christ ultimately won out the day.

Many legends are attributed to St. Patrick’s exploits in Ireland and, while the validity of some is debatable, one can be sure that before St. Patrick came to the island not a Christian was to be found there, and after he completed his missionary efforts the country’s population became Christian – down to this very day.

Many Roman Catholics are of Irish decent; therefore they have St. Patrick to thank for the conversion of their ancestors and, indirectly, their own Catholic faith. And how many others were evangelized through the missionary work of Irish Catholics around the world? The ripple effects of St. Patrick and his contemporary missionary saints in bringing people to God cannot be underestimated.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Walk out 3 / 14: Public Schools Hypocrisy on Free Speech

Novi Michigan- school districts across the country are allowing their students to walk out of class and it's today to protest guns in schools and honor the 17 killed at Parkland Florida one month ago.

The left is using students as propaganda tools to weaken the Second Amendment.

Proof of this is Novi Michigan. The school issued a memo stating that the students have a First Amendment right to protest and to free speech. However that First Amendment right was not allowed by the same district in 2013 when a group of students wanted to honor God and our country by having a group of students pray around a flagpole. The school cited separation of church and state. However the First Amendment does allow for freedom of speech and the free practice of religion.

Does this not seem hypocritical to you?