Monday, May 1, 2017

Patriot falls victim to Obamacare

A hard working patriot falls victim to the death panels of Obamacare.  This patriot's story is why President Trump is trying to repeal Obamacare.  

Here is the story his friends wrote on a gofundme page they set up for him.  If you feel like contributing click here.  Any amount will do:

Michael Krausman is a fighter. He is also one of the kindest, most generous and hard-working men you will ever know. When he was just 3 yrs. old living in Chicago he was kidnapped, beaten and left for dead next to a dumpster. Soon after that, Michael and his brothers were placed in an orphanage for a couple of years then eventually taken in by foster families for the next 5 years where they were in good hands and living somewhat normal lives for the first time. While they were in foster care, Michaels mother was notified his father was killed in Viet-Nam and she fought to get them back and they moved to Michigan. Michael lived a very tough life without a father and a very young mother who was really a child herself. He was determined to be self-sufficient however, and refused to ever think of himself as a victim. 

Michael worked very hard and became a successful Realtor. He saved enough money to purchase and remodel his own home. Last year, without warning, Michael’s world was turned upside down. He began to have balance issues, memory loss and seizures that turned into multiple seizures every day, and he found himself becoming increasingly confused and disoriented. He was forced to stop working, as he was unable to focus long enough to read a single sentence. As a real estate agent he does not have the option of unemployment or Workmen's Compensation to rely on.

Michael had purchased Obamacare a couple years earlier so he was insured, however, after several tests and 7 days in the hospital, Obamacare informed the hospital that they were no longer able to cover any further testing or treatment. Michael was in jeopardy of losing his house, and for the first time in his life was finding himself in a position he never thought he would be in. He sold his house and moved to a small condo with his dog, but his condition got worse and his medical bills continued to grow. He reluctantly signed up for Medicaid, as he was told they would cover more tests than Obamacare. After blowing through all of his savings, doctors still don't know the cause of Michael's seizures and horrible constant headaches. Last month it was suggested to him that he try a hyperbaric chamber treatment as an attempt to reverse some brain damage. At a minimum, health care professionals told him the treatments might be able to help alleviate his constant headaches. After 6 long months of brutal headaches, Michael was shocked to find he was finally able to experience some relief and is beginning to able to focus on things much better. The problem is, the $200.00 a day treatments aren't covered under Medicaid. Since Michael spent all of his savings on medical bills, he began maxing out his 3 credit cards to pay for the treatments. 

Michael spends his days at home with his dog, never knowing when he’ll have his next seizure, worrying about how he's going to pay for his next hyperbaric treatment, or how he'll pay for a series of tests that he needs to diagnose and (hopefully) treat his condition. The doctors are not going to be able to properly diagnose or treat Michael if he can't afford to pay for tests that are rejected by Medicaid. 

We are asking everyone who reads this to consider helping Michael by donating to this campaign. 100% of the money we collect will go to Michael to help pay for his hyperbaric chamber treatments and any tests that Medicaid won’t cover. Any additional money will go towards helping Michael to pay off the credit cards he's used to pay his medical bills. The stress he's feeling after working so hard his entire life isn't helping his condition. 

Please help us make it so Michael doesn't have to worry about how he's going to pay off his credit cards and continue with his treatments. He would never ask for help, so we're doing it for him. You don't have to give a lot, every little bit will help. 

Anyone who knows Michael will tell you he is one of the kindest and most generous people they have ever known. He would literally give you the shirt off his back. We’d like to return the kindness Michael has shown so many of the course of his life. He didn’t have a lot, but he was always the first person to offer to help someone in need. In addition to your contribution, Michael has strong faith and would very much appreciate your prayers. With God's help, he has proven that he is capable of overcoming obstacles many of us can never imagine.

Please help us to help Michael overcome the biggest challenge he’s ever had to face. 
God bless, 
Friends of Michael Krausman
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