Sunday, May 14, 2017

Homage to Mother

By Susan Tabar
(C)  May 9 2010
Mothers’ are a gift from God
They nurture you like a pea in a pod

They pick you up when you are feeling down
Making sure to prevent a momentary frown

Even when mistakes are made
They protect you like a “band-aid”

Exuding unconditional love and caring
With no limitations and no sparing

Of total commitment from the heart - with no bounds
And an intuition beating continuously, sometimes with no sounds

There is nothing that can replace a mother who embraces attentive affection, deep understanding and moral dignity
As she will be there to help and guide you through eternity…

Susan with her mother Dorothy
Susan was a gifted writer, radio host, tv reporter and political strategist.  She joined her mother in eternity in heaven on 4-22-15 after a lengthy painful battle with a rare disease known as amyloidosis.

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