Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Video of 11th District Caucus and Official Announcement From The Oakland County Chair

Theresa Mungioli
Oakland County Chair
The official response from the Oakland County Chair, Theresa Mungioli regarding the 11th District Convention portion held in Oakland County follows below the video.

The video shows the warning given to all the delegates in the Oakland County portion of the 11th District.  It also clearly shows the vote in favor of keeping the Michigan Republican Party Rules and breaking into sub-caucuses.  You will also hear loud and clear the call for division, which was ignored.

In the response from Theresa Mungioli, you will also find the direct link to the Michigan Republican Party Credentials Committee Report which unanimously accepted the "apportionment caucus" delegate and alternate lists.

Dear Oakland County Precinct Delegates,

The turmoil about the 11th District caucus at the Oakland County Convention continues. And many of you are unfortunate victim of this controversy. As I explained in an email a few weeks ago, Eric Bond and Matt Maddock ignored the State Party Convention Rules in order to benefit Maddock’s campaign for 11th District Chairman. And when they were confronted with the facts, they still persisted in lying to you, the grassroots activists. They knew the truth and still won’t admit their mistake.

It is not a surprise that some activists appealed to the State Party Credentials Committee. They were told that if the Maddock rules passed that the entire District Caucus list could be thrown out. Their complaints listed the lies  that Maddock and Bond spread as truth and showed the many rules violations they committed. The Credentials Committee unanimously voted to remove Maddock’s list and wrote a scathing 1500 word response outlining the violations of the rules.

Rather than take my word, please read the entire Credentials Committee report posted on the OCRP website. It details the systematic violation of the rules by Matt Maddock and Eric Bond. Despite the skewed rhetoric claiming victim-hood, the facts are simple – they blatantly violated the rules.

We are a nation of laws and a party of rules. We can’t let Maddock and Bond ignore the rules whenever they want to manipulate the situation. As a result of Maddock’s and Bond’s behavior, the Credentials Committee approved the list of Delegates and Alternates listed on the OCRP website. Please review it to find your name and make travel arrangements accordingly.

Now Maddock and his organization say they may sue the Republican Party because they didn’t get their way. And use you for a fundraiser. Their lawsuit will cost thousands of dollars we could use against Democrats. Like many of you, I am tired of the destructive tactics of this group, who are more interested in fighting fellow Republicans than defeating Democrats.

For those in the 8th, 9th and 14th District, it is important for you to see what is happening in the 11th District and the cost Maddock will have on our county. This will cost us Republican leadership countywide.

I look forward to working with you to grow our party and defend our conservative principles from those that would use the party for their own benefit. Don’t fall for any more of their lies.

Yours in freedom and liberty,

Theresa Mungioli
OCRP Chairman

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