Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Matt Maddock

Oakland County Republican Delegates are quite familiar with Matt Maddock.  He previously ran against current State Senator Mike Kowall in 2012 and lost in the primary.  

Since that loss, he's been dubbed the next "Todd Courser" based on his fast political aspirations.    He has convinced and recruited a following of delegates, some that are actually Libertarians and not Republicans, to use them to take over both the Oakland County and 11th District Conventions the last few go-arounds.  This time to take over the 11th Congressional District as Chairman. 

Jeff Sakwa
However his latest takeover created the greatest controversy yet when he chose to ignore State Party rules which required sub-caucuses to elevate delegates to the State convention. 

Maddock proceeded to push through a vote for elevation of delegates through district caucus after being warned by Michigan Republican Party Vice Chair Jeff Sakwa, who specifically read the party rules to the room full of delegates and by Oakland County Republican Party senior parliamentarian, Dennis Flessland, that sub-caucuses must be the way to elevate delegates.   The majority of the Delegates took Sakwa's warning to heart and voice voted to keep State Party Rules.  It was obvious by all in the room that the vote was clearly in favor of keeping State Party Rules.   However Maddock proceed to say that State Party Rules were voted down.  Maddock also ignored numerous loud shouts of "Division", which meant the delegates wanted another vote either by hand or ballot on that vote.

Matt Maddock and his followers have viciously attacked Republican Vice Chair Jeff Sakwa, who owns a real estate company, for donating to Democrats in the course of his business operations.   Suprisingly, what has been revealed by MIRS Newswire shows that also Matt Maddock also gave to Democrats for " greasing the wheels"   

Here is what MIRS has found 

"Documents obtained by MIRS showed Maddock gave $1,000 to former Democratic Gov. Jennifer GRANHOLM in 2002 and $250 to then-former Democratic Sen. Hansen CLARKE. Maddock said he was the head of a bail-bondsman organization at the time, and was urged to make the contribution to grease the wheels for some legislation he was working. 

Also, police records from 2000 show Maddock punched a man in the face, breaking bones around his nasal cavity that later required surgery to fix. Maddock was never criminally convicted in the assault, which he said came as part of him defending a member of his family who was being attacked. 

Maddock also had a combined $12,000 in property tax liens from 2009-2013, which came from him losing his job, he said. "

"Whether Maddock will be attending this weekend's convention, he declined to say when asked by MIRS. 

However, he hinted that he was conceding defeat in his weekend Facebook post when he wrote, "Our business as precinct delegates is finished for this two-year cycle. We have until May of 2018 to recruit every more delegates so we can beat them next round."

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