Monday, February 13, 2017

Michigan Republican Leaders Passing Petitions For A Far Left Democrat?

It is hard to believe but true that there are Republican leaders that have been campaigning for a Democrat, West Bloomfield, Michigan City Clerk, Cathy Shaunessy. 

The petition was circulated by Janine Kateef of the 14th Congressional District.

What is  also disturbing is the President of The West
Bloomfield Republican Club and newly elected 14th District Executive Committee member, Ben Ohly is one of the signers on the petition as is newly elected 11th Congressional District  Republican Committee At-Large Member Lauren Burris. Both Ohly and Burris are vocal voices that side with  Michigan Conservative Coalition. 

Just last week Ohly went after other Republican's  questioning their conservative credentials including the author of this blog and another prominent Republican, Barbara Harrell.  Harrell is the co-founder and former President of the Troy Clawson Republican Forum.  

Ohly questioned this author's conservative credentials as he was not happy about the article written and the challenge that this author wrote challenging the legitimacy of Maddock's actions as chair of the Oakland County portion of the 11th Congressional District Convention. 

Who is Cathy Shaunessy?  Well she has been described as a Far-Left Lunatic (that) Apparently Committed Bankruptcy Fraud  by fellow blogger Debbie Schlussel.  Here are a few excerpts of Schlussel's blog:

The story of Cathy Shaughnessy is important on many fronts. This far-left Democratic candidate for office demonstrates why blogs are important because some of them–like this one–actually do the investigative journalism the mainstream media won’t. Shaughnessy is also Exhibit A of the kind of lowlife the mortgage bailout bill will help via your hard-earned tax money. And how far left liberals can often get away with murder. Or, at least, apparent bankruptcy fraud and/or campaign finance fraud.
Catherine Caya Shaughnessy is an unbalanced, liberal, part-time yoga teacher and Democratic Party candidate for Township Clerk in swanky, upscale Detroit suburb of West Bloomfield Township.

Problem is, in addition to her mental instability, it appears that Cathy Shaughnessy committed bankruptcy fraud in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.
Shaughnessy and her husband Tom filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Michigan–Case No, 07-57455–and their bankruptcy continues. The case is not yet closed.

She and her husband claimed they couldn’t pay their bills, including the $450,474 they owe to AMC Mortgage Services, while at the same time Shaughnessy donated over $16,000 to her campaign for office, money which she apparently concealed and secreted from her bankruptcy filing. Court filings don’t show any report by Shaughnessy to the Bankruptcy Trustee of the possession and/or receipt of these funds.

The Oakland Press also followed Shaughnessy as she used public funds which many felt were used to promote her political aspirations.  Here is an excerpt of the Oakland Press article:

A mailing sent out by Township Clerk Cathy Shaughnessy with a $7,100 price tag has some West Bloomfield trustees fuming.

Supervisor Michele Economou Ureste said the “glossy, oversized postcard with (several) references to (Shaughnessy’s) name and her email address ... was mailed to every home in the Township without board approval.”

The postcard alerts residents to the upcoming May 5 special election.

Shaughnessy said she didn’t need board approval.
Ureste said the cost should be paid by Shaughnessy from her campaign funds.

Treasurer Teri Weingarden agreed.

“It was unethical for Clerk Shaughnessy to spend over $7,000 of taxpayer-money clearly for self promotion and without township board approval. This is not the first time Clerk Shaughnessy has used township funds for self-serving mailings, nor is it the first time she has spent township funds on unapproved items without township board approval.”

Now the question that needs to be asked is why these Republicans supported Cathy Shaunessy?  

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