Saturday, February 18, 2017

Clearing the Air on "Conservative" Slander Against My Character and Record

By: Kenneth Lloyd
My race for Outreach Vice Chair was an incredibly exhiliarating experience. It was exciting to get out there and meet so many conservatives from around the state. I gained so much confidence and it has really inspired me to lead and continue my activism in the Michigan Republican Party for many years to come.

However, my experience was unfortunately tainted by dirty
Malissa Bossardet,  Shane Trejo, Michael Stroud, Nick Shaheen,
lead the way in support of Kenneth Lloyd
tricks that shocked and repulsed me. While I knew politics was a nasty business going in, I figured that my presence could unite people and give people an escape from a lot of the ugliness that continually stains our party and holds us back. I thought wrong, and most disconcertingly, the betrayal came from the people who I felt to be my brothers: the so-called conservative patriots. 

It first started when the Michigan Conservative Union Founder, Norm Hughes, backer of my opponent Thomas Norton, tried to convince me to drop out to support his candidate. Having respect for Norm because of his history in the conservative movement, I listened to his point of view and seriously considered the points that he made. Ultimately, I declined his offer and stayed in the race. I expected Norm to give me the same respect that I showed him. It was never returned.

Kenneth Lloyd with
Michigan Lt Gov Brian Calley
It soon became apparent that Norm was not my ally in any sense of the word. From sending me rude, discouraging messages to gossiping about me on social media, Norm's entire attitude flipped after it became clear I wouldn't bend to his will. Later on, "Trucker" Randy Bishop told me that I hadn't "paid my dues to the conservative cause" and pleaded with me to quit right as the campaign was heating up. From there, the rumor mill began to spin. A rumor began circulating that I was a supporter of the gas tax. Although we don't know exactly who started this underhanded whisper campaign against me, all signs point right back to Norm Hughes and Tom Norton.

Norm Hughes' newsletter floated a rumor that I was planning to drop out and support Tom Norton days before the State GOP Convention.

As Norm backstabbed me, he would smile to my face and condescendingly tell me how much he loved me and cared for me. In the very next moment, he would go back to his vicious smear campaign. After the initial vote was tallied, the run-off election was between my two opponents. Norton and Hughes actually had the audacity to expect me to support them after their sabotage efforts against me. I was expected
Kenneth Lloyd with Ronald Dwyer
to "do the right thing" (in their eyes) for the conservative cause, and put my support behind the folks who unfairly denied me equal opportunity to get elected (on the basis of my merit, not on the the basis of lies) to lead within the Michigan Republican Party.

On the other hand, I had never received any pressure from the Soltis campaign nor observed any funny business being conducted by them. They just put forward a positive message and presented why their candidate was the right man for the job. Although I thought my political views to be more similar to Norton's when I entered the campaign, Soltis' honorable nature caused me and my campaign to throw our full weight behind them during the run-off election. In fact, I was impressed by the graciousness of the many moderates who supported my efforts alongside the liberty warriors who got my campaign off the ground. I am very stunned and encouraged by the coalition forming around me.

After the campaign, the lies and the smears about me continued from these supposed patriots. Trucker Randy posted a Facebook message indicating that I was somehow a turncoat for the conservative cause because I didn't back Norton in the run-off election. It was capstoned by a message from Norton himself containing distortions, regarding our correspondence between each other:

This was Tom Norton's post-election smear attempt to defame me amongst conservatives.

Apparently Norton and Hughes thought I could be bullied, manipulated and used as a pawn by them in their deceitful bid for power. They were incorrect. Honor and integrity matters too much for me to reward these efforts with any kind of support. Nevertheless, I am grateful for this eye-opener about the nature of politics and why it is so necessary for me to become a leader in the Michigan conservative movement in the first place. There is a lot of lost ground to make up.

Lt Gov Brian Calley, Hank Fuhs (back) Kenneth Lloyd (front), Lena Epstien
and State Representative Shane Hernandez 
I congratulate Mr. Soltis for running his campaign with honor and integrity unlike Thomas Norton’s campaign. I was happy to get behind him in the run-off election, and would be happy to help him with his outreach efforts moving forward if he is so obliged. Additionally, I appreciate Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley and State Rep. Shane Hernandez for giving my nomination speeches in a great display of party unity. Thanks to Michael Stroud for being so kind and devoting so much of his time and energy to my campaign. Thanks as well to Lt Governor Brian Calley, Shane Hernandez, Malissa Bossardet, Eric Bond, Shane Trejo, Nick Shaheen, Tami Carlone, Carlo Malaie, Shelly Gregoire, Dennis Marburger, Lena Epstein, Ron Dwyer and many others for fighting so hard beside me to make my dreams come true. You haven't heard the last from me.

*The views expressed in this editorial may or may not reflect the views and opinions of  Ron Dwyer or that of Setting The Record Straight.  Opposing views are welcomed.

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