Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Supreme Court Ruled Against Abortion Safety For Women

By: Randy Bishop
Host of: Your Defending Fathers
on the PatriotVoice.Net Radio Network
Texas (Michigan, Ohio and other states) lightly regulate abortion mills through their state health departments, requiring them to operate by some of the the same health standards as outpatient surgery centers.

According to five Supreme Court justices today that's just too much to ask. From a purely medical standpoint it makes sense because it is a surgical procedure. However, there is nothing whatsoever sensical about destroying an innocent, pre-born life.

Common sense and morality hold no sway in a discussion
where God and absolute truth have been cast aside in favor of Satan and lies from the very depths of Hell. From a medical standpoint, the evil ones don't want to admit that their "procedures" do go wrong, resulting in unintended side-effects of the murder taking place, requiring additional medical care for the mother.

And if they would admit it, there is absolutely nothing stopping these mills from upgrading their medical services to meet these safety and health standards except one thing -- money. The murderers don't want to cut into their profit margin, and those who cheer them on don't care if they're "safe", as long as they're cheap and plentiful.

Applauding the killers eases the conscience of a great many who have been part of this evil "choice" and whose selfish pride stands between them and a loving, forgiving God.

Sadly, there are Christians who are supporters of those who praise and led the fight for this SCOTUS decision today. They need to look beyond their politics and support Scriptural truth.

The fires of Hell were stoked again today, and America took another big step toward its ultimate judgment. Worse than that, the vast majority of Americans never even noticed.

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