Friday, June 10, 2016

Republican Party Establishment To Overthrow Donald Trump At Convention?

Although the party convention’s current rules require
delegates to vote for the candidate they have been assigned to based on the state’s primary results, that rule could be changed before the convention. 

There is now a movement of Ted Cruz conservatives who want to unbind delegates prior to the first ballot vote. If accomplished, that means delegates could vote for absolutely anyone they wanted to, which would essentially make the entire primary process pointless and allow someone like Scott Walker, Ted Cruz or Mitt Romney to swoop in and steal the nomination.

One has to question if these conservatives really are conservatives, since they would rather have Mitt Romney than Donald Trump.  Mitt Romney last year dubbed himself the leader of "The Establishment".

The Republican party now must decide which is worse: nominating Donald Trump, or nominating someone who the people did not choose as their candidate.

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