Sunday, June 26, 2016

Obama And Black Lives Working To Create Martial Law And Prevent Elections

Operation “Summer of Chaos” exposed: Obama Admin, Soros, Black Lives Matter, plan to activate martial law before General Election revealed.

Black Lives Matter to disrupt the Republican and Democratic Conventions next month according to a tweet from DeRay Mckesson, a prominent leader of Black Lives Matter and who had his Twitter account hacked.

Besides tweeting under Mckessen account making it look like McKessen endorsed Donald Trump, the hacker took and posted screen shots of a plan to force martial law.

Black Lives Matter plans to bus 2000 people into Cleveland. They will be joined by another 6000 to 8000 more who will drive to Cleveland.

Their plan is to cause so much confusion and chaos at the Republican National Convention that the GOP will have to choose another candidate. Their goal is to shut the convention down.

They plan on doing the same at the Democratic Convention because they don’t want Hillary Clinton on the ballot this fall either. An estimated 10,000 bought and paid for Black Lives Matter terrorists plan to create chaos at the Philadelphia Democratic National Convention in late July. Some have suggested that their plan to have martial law invoked would mean that President Obama would stay in the White House.


  1. Black lives never mattered especially according to abortionist clinics dumb niggers!

  2. They won't bother the Democrats, they haven't yet, but the rest wouldn't surprise me.