Thursday, June 2, 2016

High School Students Will Not Be Allowed To Display Honors During Graduation

If you were a member of the National Honor Society, you
definitely remember wearing the white satin stole (with the NHS seal) during high school graduation: signifying your membership.  

Because it might make other students feel excluded, students won’t be able to wear their National Honor Society stoles during graduation ceremonies next month at Plano Texas Senior High School.  Students are not allowed to wear National Honor Society regalia (or any other club or organizational regalia) during graduation ceremonies, according to school practices.

This is just getting ridiculous.  Students need to know you are rewarded for hard work. We are raising lazy spoiled entitlement minded cowardly brats that need a safe space to hold a temper tantrum in whenever they don't get their way.

Students at nearby rival schools, Plano East High School and Plano West High School will be able to wear the NHS stoles.

In order to be a member of the National Honor Society, a student must maintain a high GPA and perform community service hours.


  1. I agree students should be recognized for their achievements. The only problem I have is with the way the blog is branded as "unspinning the news and reporting the lies." Adding one's own personal commentary and opinion is spin. If he really wants to unspin the news it should be reported as only fact in black and white and allow people to draw their own conclusions rather than finding a story that supports one's own opinions and holds it up as evidence.

  2. Welcome to the "pusification" of American youth... where you get a prize just for participating.. not for achievement. This is sad and pathetic.

  3. I remember I wasn't part of the Honor Society back in high school and yeah, it made me feel discouraged but at the same time those who were accepted should be allowed to show their accomplishments. I remember people talking about the tutor hours they would have to put into the society and the work they had to do in order to keep their spot in it and with all that work they should be able to showcase that accomplishment at graduation. If other kids are going to feel bad for not getting in then that's their fault for not trying enough. I know I could've been in the society if I had tried but I didn't and that was my own bad. Why punish those working hard for those who aren't?
    - S