Sunday, June 19, 2016

Donald Trump Will Be The Republican Nominee Period

Those that still have the delusional notion that Donald Trump
Sean Spicer

won't be the nominee need to get over themselves.   Trump will be the nominee.  Trumps closest competitor, Ted Cruz is several million behind Trump in votes and almost 1,000 delegates behind.  

The never Trumpers say that Trump didn't get 50% of the vote.   There were 16 other candidates besides Trump in this race!  Nobody was going to hit 50% In 2012 people were saying 9 candidates were a lot.  

Did you know in 2008, McCain didn't get 50% of the vote?  Where were the loud voices then for someone more conservative?

The fact is nobody had more votes this go around than Trump.   
Republican National Committee Chief Strategist & Communications Director Sean Spicer pushed back Friday on reports that an organized effort is pressing forward to prevent presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump from securing the votes needed to become the official nominee at the convention in July.

Spicer posted the following message in a Friday afternoon tweet:

Donald Trump bested 16 highly qualified candidates and received more primary votes than any candidate in Republican Party history. All of the discussion about the RNC Rules Committee acting to undermine the presumptive nominee is silly. There is no organized effort, strategy or leader of this so-called movement. It is nothing more than a media creation and a series of tweets.

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