Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Time For Cruz Supporters To Join The Trump Revolution

By Bob Steffman
Dear Cruz supporters and never Trump people, I am a free thinker and a seeker of truth. I have the spirit of discernment and the spirit of enlightenment. I am a college educated man with an above average IQ and I support Donald Trump for president of the United States.

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the members of the Trump Revolution. We are just as conservative as any Cruz supporter and just as American as those who consider themselves constitutionalists. We are socially conservative, fiscally conservative, and culturally conservative. We are defenders of the constitution and believe in individual liberty. We believe in limited government, free market capitalism, and American exceptionalism. So please don't insult our intelligence or accuse us of being uninformed, ignorant or un-American just because we support Donald Trump.

Please take a moment to reflect upon past republican candidates for
president. Neither GH or GW Bush were conservatives. McCain was not a conservative. Romney was not a conservative. Yet, none of you spoke out against them or created #‎Never_____ movements, nor swore not to vote for them. Why did you vote for these establishment RINOs, but are now vocally vowing to never vote for Trump? We just went through 8 years of the worst presidency in history, and we are on the verge of getting another disastrous four years should Hillary Clinton win the presidency. Our country is being destroyed by the policies of the radical left, all of which are the foundation of the Clinton campaign. For years you have been whining and crying about the corruption within our government. For years you have been begging for an outside candidate who would dismantle the establishment and put an end to government waste, fraud and abuse. For years you've complained about career politicians abusing their position of power and taking advantage of the people. Now, in walks the perfect candidate with all of the attributes needed to fulfill your prayers, hopes and beliefs. In walks a candidate who is single handedly exposing the system and unmasking the puppets. He has unveiled the cover ups and he promises to hold people accountable for their actions. He has the business acumen, the popularity, the boldness, and the toughness to get things done and return our country to greatness. He will restore American pride by putting America first. And his accomplishments command the respect of his peers. He is unabashed in his words, and truth is his guiding force. Yet, your eyes have been blinded by your pride. You believe the propaganda and lies being spun by the corrupt liberal media. The very media you claim to despise and don't trust. You've fallen for the same deceptions that you accuse the uniformed sheeple and ignorant libtards of falling for. You're constantly telling the liberals to stop falling for liberal talking points. But here you are joining their march and echoing their chants.

Now we hear establishment RINOs like Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and Paul Ryan outwardly denouncing Trump, saying they will not vote for Trump and will skip the convention. Ask yourself, why are you aligning with the very people you claim are the problem???? If Trump is who you say he is don't you think these corrupt establishment politicians would fully support him???? Trump isn't who these RINOs and liberals are saying he is. Please don't be fooled again. These liberals and career establishment politicians won't support Trump because they know he will expose them for the corrupt phonies they truly are. He will put an end to their good old boys club. Trump is a threat to their power, control and greed.

Step back, turn off the pundits, reevaluate your thoughts. Think about who you are aligning with. You're aligning with liberals, establishment RINOs, illegal aliens and anti American anarchists who are rioting, burning the American flag and waving foreign flags on American soil. It's time for soul searching.

#‎Trump2016 #‎UniteAndFight

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  1. Excellent article and precisely what I have felt and seen with never Trump people. I pray their eyes are opened. The accusations against Trump are petty and insignificant in light of what he brings to the table. I am thankful he's running and believe he is an answer to prayer!