Monday, April 4, 2016

Why This Hispanic Woman Supports Donald Trump

La Luz Saenz
The media is working overtime in trying to make Donald Trump look like a racist and a misogynist.  They continuously lookover all the women and minorities that support Trump.   

Here is one such  example of a minority who also happens to be a woman.  La Luz Saenz is a legal immigrant who came here as a child and grew up in poverty.  She never gave up and believed in the American Dream that she now sees being stolen away by a corrupt runaway government.  This is what La Luz Saenz posted on Facebook:

I am a Christian Hispanic attorney and former judge who came from Colombia S.A. as a legal immigrant and grew up in poverty. I live the American Dream because I was born in 1960 and I learned that if I worked really hard I could become successful in the USA. I learned to Never give up. I learned American History!

I support Trump 100% because he and Dr. Ben Carson are the only Candidates who speak out the truth about the current political regime within both republican and democratic parties. We the people are being kept in the dark about the corrupt Government that is currently in place. I liken these parties to the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus' time in the New Testament. I have done lots of research with my attorney husband John on the presidential candidates. We have been in prayer that the USA WOULD RETURN TO THE CONSTITUTION THAT WAS FOUNDED BY God fearing men. This law of the land works because it's founded on Godly principles. We had to take a full year of Constitution in law school to become lawyers and I summer clerked for Judge Blackburn at the Ga Court of Appeals where
research occurred daily to search out veracity (truth).

I also prayerfully researched for truth as I presided as a Juvenile Court Judge. I know Dr. Ben Carson has done the same before endorsing Trump; he is a Godly man who prays for God's wisdom. To return to the Constitution we have to take out the current political establishment, -as it is for the politicians instead of for the people. Both parties have career politicians who want to continue to hang onto their power, prestige and (our hard earned tax $) money (much like the Pharisees and Sadducees from the New Testament).

We need a candidate like Trump who sees the root of the problem in our nation and who is willing to work hard to make America great again!
Remember---God is our CEO not man and it is God who is in control of this great nation. I encourage you to do your own research and avoid the media's biased opinions. And dear friends please let's pray for Trump. ❤ God is for us all!❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Ps because I has to work at age 16 I had to take my GED .

Now I have a JD from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, GA and a BA in Special Education from Georgian Court University in NJ. Make America Great again Mr. Trump! Viva Presidente Trump!

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