Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mother Of Conservatism Under Attack Since She Endorsed Trump

Over a month ago the mother of conservatism, Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Donald Trump for president.  She cited that he was best suited to take down the corrupt kingmakers in Washington D.C. Since that time she has been under constant attack and there are those attempting to take her conservative think tank, that she founded, the "Eagle Forum" away from her remove her from the board.

Here is a message Ms. Schlafly sent to her readers and members:

Dear Friends of Eagle Forum,

In recent days, you may have heard about some issues we are having at Eagle Forum. I am grateful for your concern for me and our work.

For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, some people have been working to attack me and Eagle Forum. My disappointment is compounded by the fact that these are people with whom I have worked closely in the past. I have asked them to resign from the Board immediately so that we may continue our important work.

We have many important fights to win -- from opposing abortion to defeating Common Core, stopping misguided efforts to convene a Constitutional Convention, and making sure that the platform of the Republican Party is a sound statement of conservative principles. The Chinese Communists are on the move as Europe falters under its misguided policies of trade and immigration. And we have a vacancy on the Supreme Court that we must not allow Obama to fill.

With your help, I'm confident that we can prevail in these critical battles so that our great nation will prosper.

Thank you again for your assistance in stopping the hostile takeover of Eagle Forum.


Phyllis Schlafly

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