Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mayor's Angry Message As To Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal

The mayor of Warren Michigan - Michigan's 3rd largest city-  is not a fan of legal marijuana other than for medicinal purposes and we agree.  Mayor Jim Fouts posted his disgust on his fast book page as to what a person high on marijuana did to two long-term residents in his city.  This is what he wrote

Mayor Jim Fouts
Today, I'm very angry and outraged about what has happened to some long term Warren residents. Dorothy and Don long term residents, were traveling on the expressway and while waiting with traffic due to an accident, were suddenly plowed into and rear ended by a driver under the influence of marijuana.

Dorothy sustained severe injuries including amputation of her right hand and painful spinal injuries. Her husband, Don, broke his arm and has serious injury to his back. Both now cannot be on their own. They had to sell their home and move into a care facility.

Dorothy who volunteered at St. John hospital in Warren and her husband did a variety of volunteer activities. Now they cannot leave the care facility. Their life has been completely turned around because of a driver high on pot!

She described the driver as being glassy eyed and clearly high on something. This happened at 10:30 AM on October 18. They have gone through painful months of rehabilitation. Police cannot determine when he smoked pot so it's not likely he will be charged with anything.

This is one of the reasons why I'm so strong on my medical marijuana ordinance. This means that more people will be using pot and some will be high on pot as they are driving. How many more victims like Don and Dorothy will be harmed permanently by pot users?

The law needs to treat those high on pot the same as those high on alcohol. I'm not against pot for medical reasons but it cannot be abused anymore than alcohol can be abused. The State law needs to recognize that a pot high is no different than an alcohol high on our highways! They both must be treated equally before the law.

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