Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cruz Campaign Shoots Themselves In The Foot In Michigan By Trying To Undermine Both Trump and Kasich Campaigns

Cruz Campaign shoots themselves in the foot trying to undermine
Donald Trump and John Kasich Campaigns

Ted Cruz's campaign is whining this evening as they devised a devious plan to keep the Donald Trump campaign out of key positions in the Michigan Delegation, working with John Kasich campaign. The plan ended up backfiring on them.   At the last minute, the Kasich campaign switched sides and joined the Trump campaign in knocking out the Cruz campaign from holding key positions.
Saul Anuzis

Cruz's   campaign ran eight delegates for eight committee spots and lost every single one of them.  The campaign is now alleging it was "double-crossed" by Kasich supporters.

The Michigan delegation picked one Trump supporter, Matt Hall, and one Kasich supporter, Judi Schwalbach, for the two seats on the powerful rules committee. The Cruz campaign lost votes for both seats.

The rules committee spots have become extremely important
Matt Hall
when it comes to having a say when it comes to a contested convention, which may happen in Cleveland this summer.  After the delegates are selected in each state, they meet as a group and pick the members of four convention committees, the most important of which is the rules committee, which will then decide who can be nominated president.

Former Michigan Cruz campaign  director  Saul Anuzis whose duties where shifted to Texas a few months back, stated they were "double-crossed" by Kasich's campaign. 

The Kasich delegates were supposed to vote with Cruz delegates, he said, but switched sides and voted with Trump behind closed doors Saturday afternoon.

Jeff Timmer, Kaisch's delegate director in Michigan said the Cruz campaign broke their end of the deal when they tried to win all eight delegation seats.

He said they finished their slate of Trump and Kasich candidates about 10 minutes before walking into the delegation meeting.

Saul Anuzis is quoted as saying " To be clear, the Cruz campaign maintained all of their convention delegate spots today in Michigan. What's new is that John Kasich has decided to bypass any attempt to blur his rationale for staying in the race, and is now openly auditioning for Donald Trump's Vice President slot. That's the only possible reason for him to instruct his campaign to join forces with Trump for votes on convention committee assignments."

What really appears to have transpired Saturday in Michigan is that the Cruz campaign shot themselves in the foot in Michigan by not only trying to undermine the Trump campaign but also the Kasich campaign.  Dirty tricks seem to be the trend with the Cruz campaign.  


  1. And yet, I have not heard a single mention of this from any major news outlets????

    1. And you WON'T hear of this from major news outlets. The Globalists won't LET them print this or SAY this on TV. Trump-Kasich or Ryan-Kasich... That is the ticket. Mark my words - take it from someone who knows people who "know people..." - I could just say a little birdie told me this...but I'd be lying.

    2. Thank you for sharing what the media wants kept silent

    3. Thank you for sharing what the media wants kept silent


  2. I recently ran across a post that said this, I saw this post, shows me how much the RNC is screwing Trump!

    Veteran DJ Lewis in Wisconsin claims he was 5 feet away from RNC chairman Reince Priebus when he overheard that the GOP’s voting machine had been purposely rigged to keep Donald Trump under 50 percent. Lewis said he recorded the chairman’s conversation, but the mainstream media is refusing to run the story. “Already have tried 8 different places. I even taped his conversation and they tell me that is illegal,” wrote Lewis.

    I have research these machines and found that they have used them for Scott Walker, bush and others. Before they used them in the US the tested them in a foreign country! Delegates cannot, absolutely cannot agree to side with cruz knowing the continued corruption going on! WE MUST CHOOSE TRUMP FOR OUR CHILDREN, PLEASE!
    Thank you

    Donna Curley