Thursday, March 31, 2016

Opportunity Lost: Ted Cruz Whines About Trumps Free Publicity, The Same Publicity He Turned Down

Ted Cruz is whining about alll the free media that Donald Trump is getting.  Each week Cruz keeps increasing Donald's totals.  First it was $1 Billion, then $1.5 Billion then $1.8 Billion and now it is up to $2Billion.

Randy Schaffer of America 101 Project had this to say:

Randy Schaffer
I have been listening to Ted Cruz and others say that the reason Donald Trump is so far ahead is because he is getting all this free media. A week ago, Cruz said it was worth $1.5 billion. A few days ago, he said it was worth $1.8 billion and last night he said that it wasn’t fair that Donald Trump had received $2 billion in free media.

Well, the truth has finally come out. When he said that last night to Anderson Cooper, who has the highest rated show on CNN, Cooper said to him, I have invited you on my show every day of this campaign and every day you have declined. Bill Hemmer on Americas Newsroom on Fox News this morning said that he has also invited Cruz to do his show every day and Cruz has declined every day and the last time Cruz appeared on that show was on December 9, 2015. Today, on Happening Now on Fox News, they said that Cruz has a standing invitation to appear on that show anytime he wants, and so far he hasn’t appeared on their show even one time. He also refuses to appear on Bill O'Reilly as well. Ted, you can’t keep turning down all this free media and then complain about not getting any free media. Or does that make too much sense. You are much too good a politician and much too good a candidate to keep playing the victim.

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