Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Not Prouder with Steven Crowder

Many now have heard of Steven Crowder and his Louder with Crowder Facebook page, especially in conservative circles.  However did, Fox News Contributor Steven Crowder intentionally stir the pot making the protesters more volitile  during the Right to Work Protests in Lansing Michigan back in December of 2012 to make a name for himself?

Jennifer Kuznicki a political activist and blogger, who is frequently mention on the Mark Levin show believes so as she witnessed what transpired.  Here is what she posted on her facebook page:

"When Michigan voted for Right to Work, the protests on the capitol lawn were heated. I was there with a handful of friends. They yelled at us in the Americans for Prosperity tents, used intimidation tactics, pressed in, and finally collapsed the tent. They were paid protesters, the Left has organization of these protesters the world over.
 But the only incident of assault was when Steven Crowder intentionally stuck his chin out and riled one of the hot heads who then punched him in the face. Crowder got it on tape to show the world, he was so proud. I wasn't so proud.
 Crowder went there with the intention of stoking one of these guys to violence, and it worked. The blogosphere had a viral video of how union thugs attacked a peaceable man.

 I recall that incident now, because of the sucker punch by the DT (sic Donald Trump) fan the other day. The protesters are always looking to provoke violence, it's their ticket to wider protest, their red meat. That sucker punch was motivational crack cocaine for protests against DT, and DT certainly bears some responsibility after giving his audiences permission to be violent numerous times."

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