Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Michigan GOP Chair And Mitt Romney Niece "I Can Support Trump"

Mitt Romney and his niece Ronna Romney McDaniel

Ronna Romney McDaniel who is the Republican party Chair in Michigan and is the niece of  2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says it would have been nice if her  Uncle Mitt was in the White House, but  she says that  she'll support Donald Trump,  who was brutally attacked by her uncle Mitt Romney last week in an attempt to take down the Republican front runner.

McDaniel who was interviewed  by MSNBC's Chris Matthews in Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday night, where  Donald Trump easily won the state's primary. McDaniel said she believes the real estate billionaire is "committed to staying in the Republican party."

McDaniel said  that even though those that have voted for Trump and attended his rallies in Michigan are  "not a traditional Republican crowd," but she said because of his following at those rallies that she was "not surprised" he won the state so easily.

"If he's our nominee, I'm going to support him," McDaniel said

She also said that she believes her uncle is not an option for Republcian presidential nominee this summer, should there be a contested or commonly referred to by the media brokered convention.

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