Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Michigan Lt Gov Urges Delegates At State Convention To Go John Kasich

Even though he's won only one state, his state of Ohio and
Michigan Lt. Gov Brian Calley
probably due to a new confusing ballot for first-time voters,  some still think John Kasich is the only one that can beat Hillary.  If you can't win in the primaries, how are you going to win in the general?

John Kasich is losing because most realize that he is a fraud.  He is for common-core, he buddied up with President Bill Clinton while a congressman for gun control and he says that he's the only adult in the room; well check out the video at the bottom of this blog and watch how he treats law enforcement.

Michigan's Lt Governor Brian Calley also thinks Kasich is the right one and thinks that a 3rd place finish behind Ted Cruz is a strong finish.  Here is Calley's remarks in his e-mail:

Today is a very important day for Republicans in Michigan. In each county across the state, Republicans will be convening to elect delegates and alternates to the state Republican convention to be held April 8-9 at the Lansing Center. The county conventions will all be held at 7pm at a location that can be found by following this link and looking for your county.

The state convention will elect delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July. This will be the first national convention since 1948 in which no candidate is expected to have amassed a majority of delegates and be nominated on the first ballot. Michigan delegates and alternates to the national convention are bound to support the candidate they are pledged to on the first ballot only. It is critical that John Kasich supporters be elected to fill the 17 delegate and 15 alternate national convention positions won by Gov. Kasich by his strong finish in the March 8 Michigan Presidential Primary.

Poll after poll shows that Gov. Kasich is the only candidate who defeats Hillary Clinton, and consistently defeats her in key swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. I endorsed Gov. Kasich before the Michigan primary, and I continue to support his candidacy, because I believe it is important to nominate the most conservative candidate who will win in November.

Whichever candidate you support, you should insist that the process be fair. That’s why it is so important that you attend your county convention today, and hopefully be elected as a delegate or alternate to the state convention in April.

If you are an executive committee member or a precinct delegate, you are eligible to vote at your county convention. If you are not a precinct delegate, please contact your county chair and determine if there are vacancies in your precinct and ask to be elected as a delegate by the county convention. Ask to be a delegate or alternate to the state convention in April. At your county convention any precinct delegate seeking to be a state convention delegate or alternate must be given preference for those positions over any person who is a GOP activist but not a precinct delegate.

Contact any precinct delegates you know and urge them to attend the county convention today.

I hope that you will attend your county convention today, the state convention in April, and that you will join me in supporting the candidate with the best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton in November - Governor John Kasich of Ohio.
Brian Calley

Lt. Governor of Michigan

John Kasich portrays himself as the "adult" in the Republican party. Does this look like an adult to you?This video...
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