Friday, March 25, 2016

Did Ted Cruz Cheat On His Wife? Was This The Cause Of Heidi's Depression?

A new report suggests Texas Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz has had several mistresses over the years.

As the GOP presidential race between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump got personal this week, Ted Cruz wagged his finger at television cameras Thursday, warning Trump to leave his wife, Heidi, out of the fray.

That was after Trump posted an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz on his Twitter page.

But Cruz' wife isn't his problem now. The National Enquirer story  says private investigators have revealed at least five mistresses the sanctimonious senator has been hiding.

The affairs include a political consultant, a D.C.-based attorney and an escort.

Could this be why Heidi Cruz had a bout of depression in 2005 and where her depression caused the police to be involved?

Ted Cruz has slammed Donald Trump saying that he was responsible for this fabricated story.  Donald Trump has stated he had nothing to do with this National Enquirer story.

Donald Trump is likely telling the truth as one of those implicated in the Ted Cruz sex sting is Donald Trump's National Spokesperson Katrina Pierson.  It is unlikely he would harm his National Spokesperson.

Marco Rubio
Breitbart News revealed on Friday that a 'Marco Rubio ally' has been peddling a story about Cruz's sex scandal for approximately six months, according to the Daily Beast

The National Enquirer responded to Ted Cruz's accusations that Donald Trump was involved in the story by sending out  a statement that read that nobody influences their stories. 

Katrina Pierson issued the following statement on the Ted Cruz National Enquirer story:

Donald Trump issued the following statement on the National Enquirer Story.


  1. Its, kinda hard to believe that Katrina would have anything to do with Cruz, she so beautiful and hes a ugly mofo, but you never know, maybe the people has been fooled about cruz after all

  2. The National Inqurier has been right so many times unless someone can disproves the story I will have to say it is true. The NI is not stupid to print a story like this without real proof