Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A New Delegate Scandal? Opposing Candidate Delegates Vying For Trump And Cruz Spots

Tonight across Michigan delegates are being chosen to go to the State Convention in April.  There these delegates will vote amongst themselves to send delegates to the National Convention in Cleveland.

We received word of perhaps some dirty tricks that may be played with these National Delegate slots. 

The apportionment of delegates based on voter results seems fair and that is not our dispute.  However how those delegate slots are filled could be a problem.

Graphic courtesy of RightMI.com
Kevin Rex Heine
read his article here

The information we have received is that there are some that were for Kasich and Rubio  as well as other candidates -that campaigned hard against Donald Trump and Ted Cruz- are trying to fill those delegate slots.  This will be a major problem should Trump or Cruz not get the necessary 1237 delegates needed for nomination.   The only two candidates left with a mathematical chance to get the 1237 delegates needed for nomination are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

These delegates who were for the other candidates will likely not vote for Trump or Cruz in Cleveland.  This will allow power brokers to nominate from the floor and Kaisch could get the nomination or so could those out of the race, such as Jeb Bush or those than were never on the primary ballot such as Mitt Romney.

It is very important that delegates tonight be vigilant and that only those delegates that were for a particular candidate be appointed.  It is also up to the Michigan Republican Party to make sure that the At-Large Delegates be represented appropriately as well.  

I would strongly recommend that the Donald Trump and Ted Cruz delegates work together tonight to make sure their candidates are not represented by someone that doesn't have their candidates best interest at heart. 

Keep in mind the Washington Establishment doesn't want to give up power and they are hoping for chaos in State Conventions.  

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