Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Where Is The Money The Word Network Raised For Flint's Water Crisis?

Monday night, Flint's story was broadcast around the world on the
popular religious TV station, The Word Network.

Baltimore Pastor Jamal Bryant, who spent the day in Flint, turned his monthly program, 'The Empowerment Encounter' into the 'Water Telethon for Flint' at the network's Southfield studios. 100 percent of the donations will be turned over to the Concerned Pastors of be used for not just water, but for rebuilding a city impacted by lead for years to come he said.

"The equity of their home is now under tremendous risk, the level of unemployment in that city, the inequity of the educational system. The whole city needs a renovation and tonight, the world is going to be able to help," said Bryant.

Pastor Stacy Swimp
What is odd about the telethon is  the fact that The Word Network will not release how much money the telethon raised.

One pastor in the city of Flint has some serious doubts about The Word Network.

Stacy Swimp a pastor and activist in the city of Flint had the following to say,

 “ So the The Word Network will not release how much money it raised after holding a telethon which was supposedly to support the Flint water crisis? They say, however, that 100 percent of the money will be turned over to a local group of pastors. That's strange. I don't think I have ever seen a telethon for anyone or anything where there is a refusal to be transparent about the money. Seems that a great deal of exploitation is taking place during this time of real crisis.”

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