Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Senior Staffer For Ted Cruz For Michigan Deletes Comments Proving His Post Wrong

Earlier tonight this post appeared on the Facebook news threads.   It was written by David Yardly whose Facebook profile state he works for TED CRUZ FOR MICHIGAN and YARDLY CAMPAIGN SOLUTIONS.

Since David Yardley put it out there as a question this writer figured he would answer his question.

However it would  be determined that David Yardley would not want to talk facts.

And it was with that he scrubbed my factual comments from his page and unfriended me so I couldn't call his erroneous information out.

For the record Ted Cruz was for eminent domain as per the video below.

Ted Cruz For Eminent Domain
Oh my Ted Cruz who is attacking Donald Trump for his support of "Eminent Domain," was for "Eminent Domain" himself. Just like Jeb Bush who attacked Donald Trump on "Eminent Domain" on the ABC GOP Debate and proven a hypocrite when it was discovered that the Bush family used Eminent Domain to build a baseball stadium, Cruz is looking like a hypocrite for his support of "Eminent Domain" in this newly discovered video.Donald Trump said you can't have it both ways. He told the audience at the debate that you can't have the Key Stone Pipeline and projects like it without eminent domain.
Posted by Ron Dwyer on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

If this is how Ted Cruz's senior campaign staff operates perhaps the woman who was shouting to Donald Trump, at Trump's New Hampshire rally and who Donald Trump quoted her to the attendees per their request, was right,  Ted Cruz is a pussy.

If Yardley is trying to get people to vote for Cruz, he sure has a funny way of doing it as I think he now just helped me make up my mind for Trump. 


  1. Mr. Dwyer, I unfriended you due to your rude comments to me and all Cruz supporters imply that we were all the vulgar term Mr. Trump used against Senator Cruz (and you repeated it above). Your posts have long shown your support of Mr. Trump. Your comments were on my personal page and I don't stand for derogatory comments on my personal page. As usual you twist and distort facts. FYI - I am not "staff" as you imply. Please get your erroneous facts straight!

  2. David, yes we posted your comment. The article shows what your post was, what the response was and how you not only blocked any response to your debate but also removed all posts that refuted your erroneous points.