Monday, January 25, 2016

The Battle Cry to Allow National Committeewoman Kathleen Berden Into BatlleCry Michigan

This weekend a group of Michigan Conservatives are
Kathleen Berden with Paul Mitchell, Alan Sanborn
and Phil Pavlov at the Blue Water Tea Party
In St. Clair County This summer
spearheading an event called Battle Cry Michigan.

This group though is arbitrarily picking out who they want to attend to this event which will feature scheduled speakers such as Fox News contributor Steven Crowder, WAAM radio host Thayrone X, current State Representative Gary Glenn, former state Representative Tom McMillin and others.

One notable figure that has had her money returned and has been asked not to attend is newly elected and popular National Committeewoman Kathleen Berden.

Many have seen Kathleen as a hard worker and one that has made the effort to reach out to conservatives.   Kathleen over the last year has driven across the great state of Michigan attending Repubican and Tea Party events listening to the concerns of Republicans and Conservatives.

Gary Glenn, Rob Steele and Kathleen Berden
Being a National Committee person is not a paying job.  Kathleen could have easily coasted as her position of National Committeewoman but instead felt it was important to learn what could be improved upon with in the party, so she attended as many of the events across this state that she could.

Now to strike back at the "Establishment" Kathleen is the one that is foolishly being punished.  Why pick a fight with someone that is actually making the effort to have everyone's voice heard?

When you start excluding people does that not make you the same as the "establishment" you speak so ill of?  What is to say that if I agree with you today but not tomorrow, will you exclude me then to protect your power?  How is that a conservative principle?

 I have found Kathleen Offner Berden to be pretty conservative. Has she and I agreed on everything? No. But who agrees with each other 100% of the time?

If you want to build a coalition at the Republican National Committee, it doesn't help when you exclude one of your National Committee members, especially one from the same state.

 Dave Agema can't fix the problems himself, he needs a team.

 If those conservatives who are running BattleCry want to be different than the "establishment" you must act different and be inclusive. 

There is a saying don't throw the baby out with the bathwater and inadvertently that is what Battlecry is doing by being exclusive. There are good people working and have been working for years to make a difference for conservatism in the party.

 I understand there is a committee of 20 people that make this decision but I also know who the true leaders are and that their pull outweighs others. I am therefore kindly asking those leaders to come to reason and allow National Committeewoman Kathleen Offner Berden an opportunity to be at the event. I am also asking speakers to also ask the leaders of the event to allow Kathleen Offner Berden the opportunity to attend the event.

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