Friday, January 15, 2016

Police Alert: Troy Michigan Christian Churches Being Scoped Out

Michigan, already home to one of the largest communities of
Syrian immigrants in the nation, can expect even more in the coming months as lawmakers warm up to the idea of welcoming more people from the war-torn country.  

Last year (2015) over 100 Syrian refugees came to Michigan,
primarily to the City of Troy.  Now it appears Troy may be paying the consequences for their welcoming kindness.

Troy police took two recent incidents of individuals “scoping out” local churches, both Christian denominations.

The incidents occurred Dec. 12 and Jan. 3. Both of the churches are Christian denominations, Sgt. Meghan Lehman, Troy police public information office

In the first incident, a group of individuals of possible middle eastern descent  went in an unoccupied church auditorium asked security staff questions about entrances to the building, the placement of security cameras and the number of people who attend services.

In the second, two males also of possible middle eastern descent were observed videotaping both the interior and exterior of the building. When approached by church security personnel, they didn’t give a reason for their visit but left without incident.

Police are warning all of the churches in Troy, Michigan and surrounding areas to be careful, because they still don't know what they're dealing with.

At faith Lutheran Church of Troy on Dequindre, security worker William Flint is keeping a close watch on a high tech surveillance system.

Police are warning churches to specifically be on the lookout for strangers asking a lot of questions.

Also people should keep watch for vehicles spending lots of time in parking lots without reason.


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  2. What is the saying? No good deed goes unpunished!