Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obama's Executive Order Is More Than Just About Guns, Now Doctors Have To Give Medical Records To FBI

Obama's executive order today is more than just gun control  It is about total
control  It is about forcing doctors to give out your medical information without your consent.

If a doctor feels that your are mentally ill they can report you and hand over your medical information to the FBI without your consent.  This is just the beginning of your medical records being released without your consent. 

What if you and your doctor have a dispute?  Could the doctor in a vengeful state label you crazy for not following his orders?  Think this won't happen, I witnessed this first hand with my girlfriend as the doctor kept trying to force her to go back on chemo for her cancer, against her wishes.   She had a surgery scheduled for a tendon issue in 45 days and she couldn't get back on chemo till after that surgery. 

A few weeks before her surgery, she became ill with an intestinal issue.  We took her to a well known hospital to the emergency center.  While in emergency they tried to get her to sign consent for chemo even though she was in emergency for an intestinal issue before they would help her.  They said her doctor required it.  She refused to sign the consent form to give her chemo and they refused to help her. She was left looking to cure herself, which on that issue she was able to.

This is all part of Obamacare being able to control you. Soon the government can tell you what to do once they have your records. 

 Now they can take you gun rights away, soon will they be telling you what you can eat and you you must live?  Keeping government healthcare costs down will be about keeping the population healthy.  This is what socialized medicine is all about control over you and Obama's gun control executive order is not only about taking away your guns but controlling you.

As a side note, if you are asked if you own a gun while at a doctor's office, never answer that question.  

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