Thursday, January 14, 2016

Meekhof and Schmidt In Trouble Recall Language Approved

 It appears Michigan Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof and  Michigan Senator Wayne Schmidt are in for a fight.  The recall language against both of them was approved unanimously today. 

Both have passed legislation against the citizens of Michigan, most recently pushing through the gas tax that voters vehemently voted down last may by a margin of 80% .

Included with the gas tax grievance constituents also site that Schmidt also supported two new, unnecessary roundabouts in Grand Traverse County that cost taxpayers $10 million

The County then had to buy 2 special snowplows for those roundabouts at a value of $500,000 each.

His constituents also say that he lied about his education while campaigning for office.

Grievances for Meekhof beside the gas tax range from his stance on the expansion of Obamacare in this state to attempting to prevent the press from obtaining information through the Freedom Of Information Act.  

Ironically it was also Meekhof that worked to pass legislation to make it even more difficult to recall sitting legislators. 

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  1. We had better get busy and see to it Jason Allen, cousin of Wayne Schmidt, is not elected to Congress in the First District of MI.