Thursday, January 21, 2016

Is Bill Ballenger Right? Is Flint Water More Of A Hoax

Yesterday longtime political pundit and founder of Inside
Susan Dumas
Michigan Politics  Bill Ballenger was erroneously fired from the organization he founded by a left leaning reporter who may know how to "tell" a story but doesn't seem to not know a thing about class and free press she supposedly now runs.

Susan Dumas, whom many say slant's
Bill Ballenger
her stories to the left and took over Inside Michigan Politics over a year ago when Ballenger sold it, decided to fire Ballenger over statements he made on the Flint Water crisis, calling it perhaps a great hoax.  I thought we had freedom of speech which includes opinon under the first amendment.  Surely Ms. Dumas understands the first amendment which guarantees not only freedom of speech, but of press?

Well today, independent from Bill Ballenger, information has surfaced from Kettering University that may back up Ballenger's claim that this is actually a hoax because the media and the left are making this into a bigger story than what it actually is. 

Make no mistake, some have been poisoned by lead and we find any lead poisoning of innocent children and their families deplorable but it is time to look at the real facts.

According to Kettering University's President's findings that he put into a letter to students and faculty  he wrote with citations below:

Roughly 2% of all individuals tested in Flint have shown elevated blood lead levels.(1)
• Twenty-three {23} children younger than age six tested in Flint show elevated blood levels of lead.(2)

o Children under the age of 5-6 are the most vulnerable population with respect to the long-term health effects of lead; in the U.S., 535,000 children under the age of 5 have elevated blood lead levels high enough to damage their health.(3)

• A total of 43 of 2182 of people tested in Flint show elevated blood levels of lead.(4)
In a letter to Kettering Families the President of Kettering University, Robert K McMahan wrote the following excerpts:

 I also want to clarify that the water from the Flint River that was used as the city’s water source from April 2014 through October 2015 was not contaminated with lead. The contamination, where it occurred, was due primarily to interactions between treated river water and lead supply lines in the distribution system, particularly in lead lines connecting individual houses to local water mains. This is not a global problem with the water, but a problem with how that water - after treatment - interacted with some pipes and other elements of the city’s distribution system.

This interaction was often (considerably) different - even house-by-house on a single block.

I also think it important for us to recognize that this problem is widespread and in fact is not isolated to Flint. (5) For example, I am sad to report, drinking water supply contamination, in some cases at levels far worse than have been found in Flint, has been found in Washington D.C., Seattle, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles among other cities and areas of the country. (6) In Michigan, elevated blood-lead levels have been found in an even higher percentage of children.

Human skin does not absorb lead in water, so bathing, washing, or showering is safe even using water containing lead over the EPA’s action level. (7) (8) Adults may safely use unfiltered water for brushing their teeth.(9)

You may see pictures of bottles of rusty or cloudy water in articles on water safety; the same has been true of the reporting surrounding the water crisis in Flint.The presence of suspended rust in water can turn it orange, red, brown or yellow. The presence of rust in water is not an indication of the presence of lead or other contaminants in the water, nor does it necessarily indicate that the water is unsafe to drink (10) In water, lead is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, (11) and the presence of rust in water does not indicate the presence of lead, bacteria, or other substances.

Lead Is Colorless And Tasteless
The different colored water is from another problem not caused
by the Flint Water System.  Perhaps even
 altered by user for financial gain.

 Trapped air (in the form of small bubbles) in the water can also turn it cloudy or milky. Water pipelines are pressurized systems, so any air introduced into the system can remain trapped until the water leaves a faucet.

This cloudiness is not indicator of water quality.

**Clarification - Some have read that Kettering University is supporting Bill Ballenger's statement.  This writer is merely tying the facts on two stories together.   Kettering University is not coming to Bill Ballenger's defense however their letter to students and faculty add's creedence to Bill Ballenger's statement. 

This writer believes Bill Ballenger has the right under the 1st amendment to state what he believes whether it is opinon, theory or actual fact.

****Update: Bill Ballenger clarifies his statement in response to a reader on my Facebook Page- "The proposition that there is some contamination in Flint drinking water, including lead, is not a hoax, but the contention that this is the greatest man-made Michigan catastrophe of recent times, as portrayed in the MSM, IS a hoax ... Read the report of highly-regarded Kettering University, alma mater of GM CEO Mary Barra ......"

Quite frankly based on the information we have found, shared and cited, this writer couldn't agree more with Ballenger.


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  1. This is what I sent to Susan Demas on January 20, 2016
    To Susan Demas -

    Well, dear Susan since you find the statements of Bill Ballenger's on the Flint water issue indefensible and therefore had to go to the full blown ridiculous step of firing him let me convey to your extensive ego that I find your actions ludicrous, pathetic and infantile. How dare Bill even discuss in public his views and that he's tested his own Flint home's water and found no lead in its content.

    I would not doubt that you would suffer from apoplexy over Voltaire's quote, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

    Since you are now the smug sole owner, editor and publisher (Big Whoop) of 'Inside Michigan Politics' that actually came into existence over 29 years ago due to the efforts of the former owner Bill Ballenger I believe I will now look upon the publication with a jaundice eye now that you are at the helm.

    I truly hope Bill made a bundle when he sold the publication to your narcissistic persona.

    Wear you Jackboots well and don't forget to keep listening to the cries of the Mob Rulers. I will make sure to avoid reading your publication so that I cannot possibly subject myself to an opinion of yours that I might disagree with.

  2. For many Years, My eyes have seen Dumas as Dumbass....Go figure