Thursday, January 7, 2016

Foreign Born John McCain Questions Ted Cruz Eligibility

Ted Cruz / John McCain

Arizona Senator John McCain who ran for President in 2008 is now questioning whether Ted Cruz is eligible to run for president based on his origin of birth.  Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an American Citizen, his mother.

John McCain himself was not born in the United States either.  He was born in Panama, yet this did not stop him from running for President.

In addition, there was an issue as to President Obama's origin of birth during the 2008 election.  In various publications, it is noted that Obama was born in Kenya to a foreign-born father and American Mother.  

Yet John McCain never went on to question Obama's eligibility. 

A real birth certificate has yet to be released but it has been accepted that Obama was born in Hawaii.

The Constitutional purists that John McCain is now aligning himself with, only for personal gain as the establishment fears Ted Cruz more than Donald Trump, say that one must be born on American soil to parents that Americans. 

Can you say hypocrisy?

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