Monday, December 28, 2015

Why Gallup's Most Admired Means Absolutely Nothing

The results of Gallup's "Most Admired" poll are the result of telephone interviews conducted Dec. 2-6 using a random sample of 824 adults from all U.S. states and the District of Columbia. There was a minimum quota of 40 percent landline participants and 60 percent cellphone participants.

Now keep in mind that Gallup is supplying the interviewees with a list of names as well.

Hillary For PrisonSo out of  the 824 adults that choose the most admired woman and man in our country, only 17% or 140 people chose Obama as the most admired man and only 13% or 107 choose Hillary Clinton as the most admired woman.   

These numbers hardly depict reality. In reality one should be embarrassed by such small numbers.

So when you see the liberals boasting about Obama being the most admired man and Hillary as the most admired woman, it is really a desperate attempt to fool the masses that really think otherwise of the so called "most admired".

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  1. Figures don't lie.... but liars can figure! This steady "Brainwashing" has worked far too long! We are awake now! We will no longer dine on their steady diet of Pablum and baby formula while our Beloved Republic hangs in the balance! Obama is a fraud and a disaster that has been perpetrated by using this method! TRUMP! TRUMP! He's a REAL MAN! He can fix it, we know he can! He's the ONLY ONE with a Success Record and Plan to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!