Friday, October 16, 2015

State Senator Patrick Colbeck Challenges All Senators To Prove His No Tax Increase Road Package Wrong

State Senator Patrick Colbeck - I challenged every state elected official in MI to a public debate on how best to fix our roads. I believe we can fix them without raising taxes. If your elected official believes that we need to increase taxes, encourage them to accept my challenge. If no one accepts the challenge, it is reasonable to assert that tax increases are not needed for roads and that any tax increases would simply funnel your tax dollars to other potholes in the budget.

The growth of MI government on display. June House Roads Plan? $119M in new taxes. August House Roads Plan? $600M in new taxes. Current House Roads Plan according to MIRS News Service? $800M in new taxes.

Remember, both the Senate and the House have already passed bills that would have redirected $700M of EXISTING revenue towards roads. Add quality roads to $700M of EXISTING funds and we have a long-term solution to roads...WITHOUT RAISING TAXES.

New taxes are not needed to fix the roads. New taxes do come in handy for fixing potholes in Healthy Michigan (aka Medicaid Expansion aka Section 2001 of Obamacare)...but even then new taxes are not necessary if we implement my Patient-Centered Care Solution."

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