Friday, October 2, 2015

Smoking Gun: Umpqua College Chosen As ISIS Retaliation

Make no mistake the college shooting in Oregon was a terrorist attack.   Unlike the mainstream media that refuse to connect the dots, we have and what we found will confirm that this was a terror attack. 

It has become blatantly obvious why this terrorist shooting attack occurred at little Umpqua Community College in sleepy small town Roseburg Oregon.    There are no coincidences.  What we have discovered is what the main stream media will not tell you.

Do you remember the three American heroes that stopped the terrorist attack on the train headed to Paris, France last month? 

Well one of those heroes was Alek Scarlatos.   Alek was enrolled in this current fall semester at Umpqua Community College (per his Facebook).  He however cancelled his classes and took time off as he was invited and gladly accepted the opportunity to compete in ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

Umpqua Community College was/is the local college attended by Alek Scarlatos (pictured below far right).  

Also the main stream media has been slow to report what the shooter did before he shot his victims.  Numerous eyewitnesses have come out on social media stating that the shooter asked his victims their religion before shooting them.  Witness have said those that said Christian were shot in the head. 

The media says the police do not have a motive in the shooting, yet one can easily connect the dots.  

ISIS came out on the internet and have taken credit for the shootings.  

Recruiting home grown terrorists has been a growing problem in the U.S. as ISIS continues to use social media to recruit.  

There is also an unknown number of jihadists in this country, thanks to the open borders especially on our southern border. 

Alek Skarlatos, The American Hero



  2. The media isn't refusing to connect the dots, they are told NOT let out those dots to the public. Look who owns and his heavily invested in our media and all over the world, Saudis to control the message. We now have a #LeftIslamicMedia. The only place to get free press is the alternative press.