Monday, October 26, 2015

Oops Newspaper Error Says Shooter Not Crazed Driver Kills 4, Injures 30

Yesterday the Traverse City, Michigan Record Eagle made a huge error on a headline where they stated that the 4 killed and 30 injured at the Homecoming parade in Oklahoma was due to a shooter and not a driver, that was either crazed or perhaps suffered a medical emergency.  

Many conservative outlets are calling this biased reporting and not taking the Record Eagles retraction as sincere.

The conservative outlets and national conservative pundits need to realize that the Traverse City Record Eagle is not a newspaper with a massive circulation.  In 2012 it's circulation was less than 28,000.  Hardly a newspaper you would use to spread false propaganda.

The Traverse City Record Eagle said it was a design error, which I take as truth.  The designer obviously was distracted when putting this headline together or did not bother to take the time to read the story while in the design process.  The designer assumed it was a shooter based on his/her individual perception.  It is highly unlikely that it was anything more than that.

Northern Michigan is more conservative than liberal and is known as hunters' country.

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