Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another Public School Caught Teaching Children Islam

Just last week we wrote a story about angry parents in Walton County Georgia whose children were being indoctrinated in the Islamic faith.  Now we have another report of this happening in another part of  America.

This time the report is coming from Bakersfield California where one parent vented her frustration on Facebook with a copy of the assignment and her response to the school district.."


  1. To learn more about textbooks in America, what has happened, who did it, and what we can do about it, go to:

  2. I wish they would make up their mind. Either there is or isn't a separation of religion and schools.

  3. The source of this Islamic propaganda textbook scheme: major textbook publishers in the United States are now owned and/or controlled by middle-eastern interests (for example, the royal family of Dubai has considerable holdings in Houghton-Mifflin). The same goes for American media news outlets (look up Prince Alwaleed's holdings in American publishing and media, for example). Congress needs to pass a law forbidding any foreign entity -- even a friend of the United States -- to own shares in any American publishing or media enterprise.