Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ok Here We Go Again In Oakland County

On Thursday October 22nd of this month, the Oakland County
Michigan Republican Party Executive Committee had its meeting.  I was there as a proxy voter.  The meeting ran smoothly and two individuals were elected unanimously without challengers to fill two vacant seats.  It ran smoothly even with White Lake State Representative Jim Tedder speaking about the revenue shuffle and tax increases for our roads.  I too joined the chorus of boos when Tedder spoke of why he voterd for the tax.

After Tedder spoke,  fellow Executive Member Tom Llewellyn was given the floor, as per the agenda, to speak on energy issues.  This was the last item on the agenda and all other items on the agenda were complete. Lewellyn began to speak and discovered, some changes occurring in Lansing as he found out from calling out to Waterford State Representative, Jim Runstead (who should be applauded for his no vote on the road tax increase) who was also in attendance.   Lewellyn then tried to refer his time to another Executive Committee member Eric Bond of Ferndale.   This was not part of the agenda and since Llewellyn gave up his time, the Chair Theresa Mungioli used privileged adjournment to close the meeting.  It was as simple as that.

After the meeting it was discovered that Bond wanted discuss the Oakland County Republican Party's e-mails in which the Oakland County Republican Party listed local candidates that were seeking help looking for walkers for their campaigns.   Bond felt that this was a violation of the Oakland County Republican By-Laws.   This was the provision in the bylaws that question:

Section 10.4: Exceptions In the exceptional circumstance where an endorsement will significantly benefit the Republican Party in Oakland County, the Executive Committee may endorse, support or disavow an individual candidate in a contested Republican or non-partisan special election, Republican or non-partisan primary election, a non-partisan general election, or in a judicial election provided that a motion to endorse or disavow a particular candidate be adopted by two-thirds (2/3) of the Executive Committee present and voting, and provided further that notice of consideration of the motion is given as provided in Article 11. Section 11.3, with the consent of the candidate whose endorsement is proposed.

Bond's concern was that the Oakland County Republican Party was endorsing or supporting certain Republican candidates over other Republican candidates in non-partisan races.   

This was NOT the case with the Oakland Republican Party. The Oakland County Republican Party merely listed the contact information for those asking for assistance walking their campaigns.  The Oakland Party obliged by listing their information.

Any Republican candidate had the same opportunity to have their information e-mail blasted out.  In no way did the Oakland County Republican Party endorse or give special favor to any of those candidates.  Using the City of Troy for example all 3 candidates received the same treatment and there was no endorsement.

Would it be a violation of Oakland County Republican Party by-laws to have signs dropped off at their location?  There are numerous signs from additional candidates that did not ask for walk help but asked that their signs be dropped off at the Oakland County Republican Headquarters.  Using the same logic that if sending an e-mail out for help candidates is a by-law violation, wouldn't it be the same as a candidate asking for help having their signs stored and picked up by campaign volunteers at Oakland County Republican Headquarters?

Now over something as small as a simple e-mail that contained no endorsements and intent of favoritism over one candidate versus another, we now have a nasty political blog written by an another Oakland County Executive Board Member filled with inaccuracies with a headline saying the chair had a "bizarre meltdown" which was not that case, again I was there.    The blogger also uses his blog to try to bully the chair but using an extra large photo of her with the text "Unfit to Lead, Unfit to Serve".

If perhaps Llewellyn and Bond approached the situation differently in a more calm matter and addressed the chair at the appropriate time of the agenda rather than do a bate and switch we wouldn't have all this turmoil and all these inaccuracies especially from that blogger.  

The Oakland County Chairwoman Theresa Mungioli will allow all sides to have their say but at the right time and right manner.  She is no different that most any other chair who would do the same.

As I have stated before, I was not sure about Theresa when she first became Chairwoman in the 9th District during the 2011-2013 term, of which I was a committee member.  However she did prove herself to be fair.  Did we agree on everything? No.  Was every battle won?  No.  But she gave everyone equal opportunity. 

Most thought  that Theresa Mungioli  proved herself she met with Bob and Regina Brim to work out the resolution regarding "Civil Asset Forfeiture" .  There was a lot of distrust in the beginning because the resolution did not make the agenda at first.  It wasn't because the resolution was bad, it was the wording that was.  Mungioli met with the Brims in her office to work out the resolution so it would pass the Oakland County Republican Party Issues Committee and make it to the agenda, which it did and passed.

It is a shame that we have this turmoil again over someone's twisting of an e-mail.

One of the main purposes of the Oakland Country Republican Party is to help with candidate recruitment.  These include candidates for local office.  Should the Oakland County Republican Party no longer offer advice to new candidates running for what is called non-partisan (but really isn't) political offices such as school board and/or city council? Watch how fast all the cities in Oakland County become 100% Democrat controlled when that happens.

 The party office is there to offer intellectual knowledge support to any Republican candidate.  Offering to share knowledge equally among all candidates that ask is not an endorsement or being supportive of one candidate.

The Truth About The President's And Congressional Pensions

By now most of us have seen the follow meme either on facebook or via e-mail:

The person that started this meme unfortunately has their facts wrong.  Here is the accurate information:

• Members of Congress earn their $174,000 salaries only during their elected terms. (Nope, not for life.)

• They’re eligible for congressional pensions only after five years of service. (For a member of the House, that would mean getting elected to office at least three times.)

Those pensions can’t be tapped until retirement age — and can’t be collected while a lawmaker still gets a federal salary. So John Kerry, for example, can’t collect his congressional pension while he serves as secretary of state, according to Pete Sepp of the National Taxpayers Union.

• The size of the pension depends on years of service and the average of a lawmaker’s highest three years of salary. The exact formula depends on when they started. Meanwhile, every paycheck, lawmakers contribute to both their pensions and Social Security.

• Most congressional pensions are nowhere near a lawmaker’s salary. Under a pre-1984 retirement formula, it couldn’t be more than 80 percent of a lawmaker’s final salary, not counting cost-of-living adjustments. Under current rules, lawmakers could theoretically get more than 80 percent of their salary, but most would need to serve more than 66 years to get that.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Oops Newspaper Error Says Shooter Not Crazed Driver Kills 4, Injures 30

Yesterday the Traverse City, Michigan Record Eagle made a huge error on a headline where they stated that the 4 killed and 30 injured at the Homecoming parade in Oklahoma was due to a shooter and not a driver, that was either crazed or perhaps suffered a medical emergency.  

Many conservative outlets are calling this biased reporting and not taking the Record Eagles retraction as sincere.

The conservative outlets and national conservative pundits need to realize that the Traverse City Record Eagle is not a newspaper with a massive circulation.  In 2012 it's circulation was less than 28,000.  Hardly a newspaper you would use to spread false propaganda.

The Traverse City Record Eagle said it was a design error, which I take as truth.  The designer obviously was distracted when putting this headline together or did not bother to take the time to read the story while in the design process.  The designer assumed it was a shooter based on his/her individual perception.  It is highly unlikely that it was anything more than that.

Northern Michigan is more conservative than liberal and is known as hunters' country.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Michigan House Passes Road Tax Increase And Removes Road Work Guarantees

A new plan to improve Michigan roads with higher fuel taxes
and vehicle registration fees was approved by the state

The Republican-controlled House voted late Wednesday night along party lines after road-funding talks among legislative leaders and Gov. Rick Snyder broke down last week. The governor says he has "some concerns" with the new legislation.

The House bills would raise $1.2 billion a year to bring roads up to par, but not until the 2020-21 fiscal year.

The 19-cents-a-gallon state gasoline tax would be increased by 3.3 cents in 2018. The 15-cent diesel tax would rise by 7.3 cents in 2017.

License plate fees would increase by 40 percent starting in October 2016.  The increase will cost drivers an average of $100 more per vehicle.

And according to State Senator Patrick Colbeck he states
Patrick Colbeck
“Last night, the House voted on a series of bills to fix our roads. The bills feature a net $400M tax increase and reprioritization of $800M in existing revenue for a total increment of $1.2B for our roads. Gas taxes are increased by 3.3 cents/gallon. Diesel taxes are increased by 7.3 cents/gallon. Registration fees are increased for passenger vehicles and trucks. The bills remove provisions of SB 111 embedded within HB 4613 which would have enabled us to enforce warranty provisions. The suite of bills also featured enhanced Homestead Property Tax Credits to help citizens adversely impacted by the decrease in these credits back in 2011

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Washington Post: Joe Biden Is In! Oh Wait He Is, But Just Not Yet

Earlier today the Washington Post accidentally (prematurely)
posted that Joe Biden is in the race for the Democrat Nomination for President.  

With “XXX” showing in certain areas where details were yet to be added, it’s clear the piece was meant to remain in draft mode. However somebody hit the wrong button and issued the story. Before the story could be removed, the Republican National Committee grabbed and sent the copy to those on its “War Room” mailing list.

Once the error was discovered, it was replaced with an editor’s note reading “This file was inadvertently published.”

Here’s how it looked before it was removed:

Biden to launch a presidential campaign
Washington Post
Paul Kane
October 19, 2015

Vice President Biden plans to enter the contest for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, ending months of speculation about his intentions and delivering a jolt to an already unpredictable contest, according to XXX sources familiar with his decision.

Biden, who has been publicly grieving since the death of his eldest son on May 30, began telling associates on XX of his intention to launch a late-breaking campaign that will pit him against a pair of Democrats who have been well ahead of his decision-making process, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

A formal announcement could come within the next week, just in time to allow the vice president to appear at a critical party event Oct. 24 in Iowa. The three-way race among Democrats sets up a debate over which candidate is the rightful heir to President Obama’s legacy and whether the party needs a sharp break — as Sanders contends — from the policies of both Obama and former president Bill Clinton.

Biden’s entry into the contest comes after several months of declining popularity for Hillary Clinton, during which she has been dogged by an FBI investigation of the security of the private e-mail server she used during her time as Obama’s secretary of state. The controversy helped prompt a rise in Sanders’s standing from iconoclastic liberal to a more fearsome insurgent.

But Biden’s decision also arrives just days after what many consider Clinton’s best campaign moment so far: a commanding performance at the Oct. 13 debate in Las Vegas that left many party insiders suggesting the vice president’s path to victory no longer seemed plausible.

Friday, October 16, 2015

State Senator Patrick Colbeck Challenges All Senators To Prove His No Tax Increase Road Package Wrong

State Senator Patrick Colbeck - I challenged every state elected official in MI to a public debate on how best to fix our roads. I believe we can fix them without raising taxes. If your elected official believes that we need to increase taxes, encourage them to accept my challenge. If no one accepts the challenge, it is reasonable to assert that tax increases are not needed for roads and that any tax increases would simply funnel your tax dollars to other potholes in the budget.

The growth of MI government on display. June House Roads Plan? $119M in new taxes. August House Roads Plan? $600M in new taxes. Current House Roads Plan according to MIRS News Service? $800M in new taxes.

Remember, both the Senate and the House have already passed bills that would have redirected $700M of EXISTING revenue towards roads. Add quality roads to $700M of EXISTING funds and we have a long-term solution to roads...WITHOUT RAISING TAXES.

New taxes are not needed to fix the roads. New taxes do come in handy for fixing potholes in Healthy Michigan (aka Medicaid Expansion aka Section 2001 of Obamacare)...but even then new taxes are not necessary if we implement my Patient-Centered Care Solution."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jeb Bush Desperate - Sends 18 Year Old Female Plant To Try To Derail Donald Trump

Lauren Batchelder

How pathetic and desperate is Jeb Bush?  Well as we found out yesterday, he is pathetic and desperate enough to send one of his staffers into an event where Donald Trump was speaking and tried to derail him.  

Lauren Batchelder, 18 years old,  the woman who made media waves with her televised harsh questioning of Donald Trump during a Jon Huntsman “No Labels” campaign event in New Hampshire, was just outed as a paid political operative of the Republican Party and a campaign staffer for White House hopeful Jeb Bush. 

Batchelder quizzed Trump at his campaign stop on his views of women, demanding he give an example of how exactly he respects the female gender.

Batchelder stood with her hands on her hips and told Trump, “I don’t think you’re a friend to women.”

She then asked, “If you become president, will a woman make the same as a man, and do I get to choose what I do with my body?”

This was a funny question for Batchelder to ask especially
since she has worked for many pro-life candidates including Kelley Ayotte.

"Within minutes of her scripted performance at the event," the news site wrote, "the producers of CNN were quickly editing soundbites and framing a narrative. That story was pushed into the media stream within hours. CNN's Jeanne Moos was the delivery vehicle for the hit piece."

There are eight candidates remaining in the race specifically
Lauren Batchelderto assist Jeb Bush and help him win the nomination.  They are:

  • Jeb Bush
  • Marco Rubio (FL)
  • Carly Fiorina (VA)
  • Chris Christie (NJ)
  • John Kasich (OH)
  • Lindsey Graham (SC)
  • Mike Huckabee (AR)
  • George Pataki (NY)
  • Jim Gilmore (VA)

A vote for any of these fraud candidates will only result in a later endorsement of Jeb Bush and the transference of delegates to assist his nomination efforts.   This was/is the original design of the road map created to help Jeb win in 2016

Thursday, October 8, 2015

One of Americans Who Stopped Train Attack in France Stabbed in California

French train attack hero Spencer Stone was in a stable
condition after being stabbed in Sacramento on Wednesday night.

Airman First Class Stone, one of three Americans who helped thwart a terror attack on a French train in August, had been "repeatedly stabbed."

The Air Force said the incident occurred around midnight.

"He is alive and in stable condition at this time," the Air Force said in a statement. "We do not have any information as to the events preceding the incident."

Stone, 25, tackled Morocco-born Ayooub El-Khazaani after the heavily armed terror suspect opened fire on a Paris train in August.

Stone was stabbed with a box cutter during the bloody struggle with El-Khazaani, and needed surgery to reattach part of his hand.

This attack on Spencer Stone now adds even more credence to the fact that the shooting at Umpqua College in Roseburg Community College was a terror attack.  Alek Skarlotos the other American hero that stopped the train attack was to have been at the college if not for the fact he was on ABC Televisions Dancing With The Stars. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ten Commandments monument removed from Oklahoma Capitol grounds

The granite monument of the Ten Commandments that has sparked controversy since its installation
on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds was removed late Monday and will be transported to a private conservative think tank for storage.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled in June that the monument's display violated a constitutional prohibition on the use of public property to support a "system of religion,"

A contractor the state hired began removing the monument shortly after 10:30 p.m. The works comes after the Oklahoma Supreme Court's decision in June that the display violates a state constitutional prohibition on the use of public property to support "any sect, church, denomination or system of religion."

The state is paying the contractor about $4,700 to remove the monument and take it to the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs' offices a few blocks away, Office of Management and Enterprise Services spokesman John Estus said.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol had increased security around the monument earlier Monday, and barriers were erected to keep visitors from getting close to it. Estus said the decision to remove the monument under the cover of darkness was made to avoid disturbing workers at the Capitol and to keep protesters from demonstrating while heavy equipment was being used to detach the two-ton monument from its base.

"We wanted it to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible, and doing it at night gave us the best opportunity to do that," Estus said. "The Highway Patrol was also very concerned that having it in the middle of the day could lead to having demonstrations of some kind."

The original monument was smashed into pieces last year when a 29-year-old from Roland drove a car across the Capitol lawn and crashed into it.

"He claimed he got out of his car, urinated on the monument, and then ran over it and destroyed it," said Secret Service agent David Allison in Oklahoma City at the time of the incident. "He said Satan told him to do it, and that he was a Satanist."

Michael Tate Reed Jr. was arrested the next day and admitted to a hospital for mental health treatment, and formal charges were never filed. A new monument was erected in January.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Russia Decimates ISIS In Days - Where Was U.S. All This Time?

After decimating ISIS in a matter of days with air strikes,
Vladimir Putin is preparing to send 150,000 troops to Syria in a bid to wipe out the evil Islamic State once and for all.

The Russian leader is reportedly mounting an enormous military mission to take control of the terror group’s stronghold of Raqqa.

The city is the self-declared capital of ISIS in Syria and is patrolled by as many as 5,000 jihadi members.

: “It is very clear that Russia wants to sweep up the west of the country, taking Raqqa and all the oil and gas resources around Palmyra.

“This is fast becoming a race to Raqqa – to secure the oil fields they need to cleanse the region of insurgents, and the IS capital is vital to do that.”

It comes a day after Russian jets obliterated nine ISIS outposts in just 24 hours using bunker-busting bombs.

The question is, what has Obama been doing all this time?  He said we were bombing ISIS, but were we? I think Russia's results speak for themselves.  

The scary thing is, it looks like we were supporting ISIS the further Russia goes along in taking out ISIS.

Fact: More Guns Lead To Safer Communities

On August 28, the NRA tweeted, “Since ’91, Americans have
acquired over 170 million new firearms and violent crimes have declined by 51%.”

This tweet was based on data from the  ATF and FBI data showing Americans have purchased “170 million new guns” since 1991, and violent crime has fallen “51 percent.”

The findings of a Congressional Research Service (CRS) study covering the slightly shorter period of time from 1994 to 2009 found for those years, CRS found that Americans purchased approximately 118 million firearms, and the 1993 “firearm-related murder and non-negligent homicide” rate of 6.6 per 100,000 fell to 3.6 per 100,000 by the year 2000. It eventually fell all the way to 3.2 per 100,000 in 2011.

That is more than a 50 percent reduction in “firearm-related murder and non-negligent homicide.”

The studies have proved that more guns equals less crime. Americans have purchased “170 million new guns” since 1991, and violent crime has decreased as gun ownership has increased.

Were Doctors Without Borders Killed In Retaliation For Opposing Obama's TPP

If the  President of Nobel Peace Prize-winning Doctors Without Borders had not warned the world of  “imminent
Doctor Without Borders Hospital in flames
threat to global health” posed by the  
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), would these 22 doctors and patients have lost their lives early Saturday?

“It’s not usual business for us, and the reason is because we’re very worried,”explained Judit Rius Sanjuan, who oversees Doctors Without Borders drug access campaign, in a phone interview. “We are doing anything we can to make sure the public is aware.”

Though the Nobel Prize-winning group has actively but reservedly opposed the massive TPP deal for years, recent letters to President Obama and a campaign of subway ads on the D.C. Metro show a more urgent, public push. Sanjuan admitted such a robust effort “is not usual practice for us.”

“I don’t know exactly how long, but it was maybe half an hour afterwards that they stopped bombing. I went out with the project coordinator to see what had happened. What we saw was the hospital destroyed, burning,” described nurse Lajos Zoltan Jecs of the U.S. bombing of the hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

Why did they have to blow up the whole hospital?” pleaded Nasratullah, whose 25-year-old cousin Akbar was among doctors killed in the bombing. “We know that the Americans are very clever. If they can target a single person in a car from their planes, why did they have to blow up the whole building?”

The  explanation according to rumors is that Taliban forces had entered the location and were using the cover of the hospital to fire on coalition forces.

Christopher Stokes, Doctors Without Borders General Director, angrily stated, “Not a single member of our staff reported fighting inside the hospital compound prior to the U.S. airstrike Saturday morning. The hospital was full of staff, patients, and their caretakers. It is 12  staff members and ten patients, including three children, who were killed in the attack.”

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Liberal Media Cuts Clemson Football Coach As He Begins To Talk About God

Yesterday as Clemson head football coach Dabo Swinney
was giving his post-game interview after his 12th-ranked Tigers took down the fifth-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish 24-22, he got cut off during the middle of his interview.

Swinney was in the middle of thanking “the good Lord” when the camera suddenly cut to the ESPN studio with the two anchors completely unaware and checking their tablets for almost 15 seconds before cutting back to the interview.

ESPN senior director of public relations Keri Potts shortly tweeted out an apology, saying it was an “error in TV transmission.

Catholic Church Kicks Out Gay Priest

Contrary to what the mainstream media has been feeding the
Krzystof Charamasa
public, The Catholic Church does not condone homosexual behavior.

Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi has issued a statement on Msgr. Krzystof Charamsa, the scandalous priest who yesterday declared his open homosexuality and demanded the Church change Her teachings.

With regard to the declarations and interview given by Msgr. Krzystof Charamsa it should be observed that, notwithstanding the respect due to the events and personal situations, and reflections on the issue, the decision to make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the Synod appears very serious and irresponsible, since it aims to subject the Synod assembly to undue media pressure. Msgr. Charamsa will certainly be unable to continue to carry out his previous work in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Pontifical universities, while the other aspects of his situation shall remain the competence of his diocesan Ordinary

Former Staffers Sue Gamrat And Courser - Case Appears Frivolous - Taxpayers On Hook?

In a case that is sure to waste more taxpayer funds, former

aides Keith Allard and Ben Graham are suing former Michigan State Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat in Ingham County Circuit Court.  The two are seeking whistle-blower protection for reporting hostile behavior to House of Representatives staff before Courser and Gamrat fired them July 6 without explanation. They claim the firing was retaliation for reporting
Keith Allard and Ben Graham
ethical and campaign finance violations by their bosses to House Speaker Kevin Cotter’s office.

The fact is though many legal experts say they do not qualify for whistle blower protection. In addition both Allard and Graham were at-will employees.

Michigan is an “at-will” employment state. This means that absent an employment contract, both the employer and employee are free to terminate the employment at any given time, and for any legitimate purpose. Hence, it may be difficult to file a wrongful termination or wrongful discharge claim if your employment is considered to be at-will.

All Michigan House of Representatives employees have a non-tenured, "at will" employment status. It is the policy of the House of Representatives to employ, by the Constitution and applicable federal or state statutes, qualified individuals without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, marital status, height, weight or any other categories or groups protected by law.

Former State Representative Todd Courser stated that he fired Allard and Graham because their job 
performance was not up to his expectations. This reason alone would qualify as a legitimate firing under at-will.

The one important fact that Allard and Graham are also forgetting is that they would be out of a job now anyways since Gamrat was expelled and Courser resigned. 


Just a couple of days into their airstrikes against ISIS, ISIS
has been left decimated.  Why haven't we seen the same results with our supposed attacks on ISIS that have now been on going for over a year?

The head of the Russian parliament’s international affairs committee, Alexei Pushkov posted on Twitter on Friday and said the United States is not bombing ISIS.

Alexei Pushkov said on Twitter that “McCain accused us of striking out at US-trained insurgents… 

However, since they have either run away or joined al-Qaeda, hitting them is a mission impossible.”

“The US-led coalition spent a whole year pretending they were striking ISIL (ISIS) targets but where are the results of these strikes?” Pushkov asked during and interview with France’s Europe 1 Radio.

Earlier this week the Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam said there “is clearly no seriousness” to the war against ISIS. He added the objective is not eliminating the Islamic State but rather an effort by the West to “force their presence” in the region and worsen the situation there.

“From the very outset, this air campaign has NOT been directed against ISIS,” writes Michel Chossudovsky. “The evidence confirms that the Islamic State is not the target. Quite the opposite.”

“The air raids are intended to destroy the economic infrastructure of Iraq and Syria.”

Documents compiled by Russia show the United States and its partners in the Gulf states and Turkey supported the Islamic State and planned to establish a Salafist principality in Syria.

The Pentagon has admitted it “helped build ISIS” and armed the group with weapons transferred from Benghazi, Libya.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another Public School Caught Teaching Children Islam

Just last week we wrote a story about angry parents in Walton County Georgia whose children were being indoctrinated in the Islamic faith.  Now we have another report of this happening in another part of  America.

This time the report is coming from Bakersfield California where one parent vented her frustration on Facebook with a copy of the assignment and her response to the school district.."

Oregon Shooter On CIA And INTERPOL ISIS Terror Watch List

The Federal Security Services (FSB) is reporting that the black-Islamist terror suspect, who committed an act of mass murder in Roseburg Oregon, had been included on a list of 87,000 “known/suspected” Islamic terrorists that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) refused last month to accept from the Federation due to its not being “politically viable in the present atmosphere”.

According to that report, the black-Islamist terrorist who committed this act of terror, Chris Harper Mercer, was previously identified by electronic intelligence specialists within the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) as being an Islamic State (ISIS) supporter after he had attempted to gain passage to Syria via Turkey during the first week of September, 2015.

By the Obama regime refusing to accept this terror list from the Federation, this report continues, Mercer was able to accomplish his terror act when yesterday he killed 9 people and wounded 7 others at the Umpqua Community College prior to his being shot and killed by local US police forces.

Many that realize this was a terror attack wondered why Umpqua College was targeted.   Well as it turns out one of the American heroes from last months foiled terror attack on the France train is from Roseburg, Oregon and was registered to go to school there until he was chosen to be a contestant on ABC TV's "Dancing With The Stars"

Friday, October 2, 2015

Smoking Gun: Umpqua College Chosen As ISIS Retaliation

Make no mistake the college shooting in Oregon was a terrorist attack.   Unlike the mainstream media that refuse to connect the dots, we have and what we found will confirm that this was a terror attack. 

It has become blatantly obvious why this terrorist shooting attack occurred at little Umpqua Community College in sleepy small town Roseburg Oregon.    There are no coincidences.  What we have discovered is what the main stream media will not tell you.

Do you remember the three American heroes that stopped the terrorist attack on the train headed to Paris, France last month? 

Well one of those heroes was Alek Scarlatos.   Alek was enrolled in this current fall semester at Umpqua Community College (per his Facebook).  He however cancelled his classes and took time off as he was invited and gladly accepted the opportunity to compete in ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

Umpqua Community College was/is the local college attended by Alek Scarlatos (pictured below far right).  

Also the main stream media has been slow to report what the shooter did before he shot his victims.  Numerous eyewitnesses have come out on social media stating that the shooter asked his victims their religion before shooting them.  Witness have said those that said Christian were shot in the head. 

The media says the police do not have a motive in the shooting, yet one can easily connect the dots.  

ISIS came out on the internet and have taken credit for the shootings.  

Recruiting home grown terrorists has been a growing problem in the U.S. as ISIS continues to use social media to recruit.  

There is also an unknown number of jihadists in this country, thanks to the open borders especially on our southern border. 

Alek Skarlatos, The American Hero

Oh Yes Umpqua Community College Was A Gun Free Zone

The liberal media with a gun control agenda is stating that Umpqua Community College was not a gun free zone.  That is not the case.  Yes Umpqua Community College is a gun free zone.

The current policy of the State Board of Education states that

people with concealed carry permits are allowed to bring their firearms on campuses, but are not into university buildings, which means a person can roam a campus with a concealed weapon, but if they want to go indoors, they must have somewhere (like the trunk of their car) to store their weapon. Umpqua Community College is not governed by the State Board of Education, but has a similar policy in place.

“Possession, use, or threatened use of firearms (including but not limited to BB guns, air guns, water pistols, and paint guns) ammunition, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or any other objects as weapons on college property, except as expressly authorized by law or college regulations, is prohibited,” according to the college’s code of conduct. Additionally, the college bans knives with blades longer than four inches and misuse of defensive weapons like pepper spray or stun guns.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oregon Community College Shooters Asks Victims Religion Before Shooting Them

If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and swims like a
Umpqua Students And Staff Search By Police

One thing for sure the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon was a terror attack.  The question now is was it domestic or international.  Seeing that the 20 year old male shooter asked one's religion before shooting them makes one think...  It also makes one think that why they couldn't identify the shooter beyond being a 20 year old male.

The identities of the shooter and the victims were unavailable at press time. At least 11 had been transported to Mercy Medial Center, according to Mercy spokeswoman Kathleen Nickel, and two of those died. One victim was life-flighted north. As many as 15 victims were dead and the alleged shooter was reportedly killed.

Kortney Moore, 18, from Rogue River, was in her Writing 115 class in Snyder Hall when one shot came through a window. She saw her teacher get shot in the head. The shooter was inside at that point, and he told people to get on the ground. The shooter was asking people to stand up and state their religion and then started firing away, Moore said. Moore was lying there with people who had been shot.

There are unconfirmed reports that the shooter had either been shot or had shot himself. An official confirmed that the shooter had been “neutralized.”

Would more be alive if this wasn't a gun free zone?