Tuesday, September 29, 2015

School Teaching Students About Islam Has Parents Very Upset

Under the guise of social studies some Islamic assignments in Walton County Georgia have a lot of parents unhappy.

The worksheets that students are being required to complete include the tenets of Islam and Talk of Allah, which some parents said crosses the line and they should have been informed about the state curriculum that mandates it beforehand.

Parent Steve Alsup said it is important to tell the entire story about a religion.

"As far as Islam, they are not teaching them the radical side of Islam and they say they are not going to, which to me is half the truth. Especially in today's society, you turn the news on every day or look at social media and there is a radical Islam trying to kill us," the father of three said.

Parent Ryan Breece was so uncomfortable with assignments
his daughter brought home, he talked with an administrator at Youth Middle School and got her opted out of some of the questions.

Now, he is concerned about other students.

"We are getting one watered down worksheet on Christianity when we see five worksheets on Islam. It's not equal and there is no over site for us to know it's equal," parent Ryan Breece complained.

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