Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Plymouth Twp MI: Could Ordinance Silence Constituents' Complaints In One Michigan Town?

Plymouth Township is looking to pass the Malicious Communications Ordinance.                                             

The proposed ordinance would make it illegal to send or deliver written messages deemed malicious in nature or use telecommunications services or a device, such as a cell phone, computer or tablet to threaten, harass or otherwise annoy people.

Shannon Price
Plymouth Township Supervisor Shannon Price thinks this is a good idea.  Those in violation could face up to a $500 fine or 90 days in jail, or both.  

However, could this ordinance also be used to silence criticism of the Township board? 

Some say this ordinance, if passed could be unconstitutional as it could violate one's 1st Amendment Right to free speech. 

The ordinance was presented for a first reading at last night's board meeting.   If there is support among the trustees, a vote could happen on the ordinance at their Sept. 22 meeting.

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