Thursday, September 24, 2015

Coward Obama blocks 13 Year Old Boy On Twitter Then Lies About It

The President of the United States is the president of all the
CJ Pearson
people, as Barack Obama has many times said. But, it would seem, that doesn’t mean he wants to hear from all the people in his Twitter mentions.

CJ Pearson, a 13-year old black student whose video commentaries against liberalism and the president’s policies have gone viral, learned this lesson the hard way.

Pearson has recently launched a petition to get an interview with President Obama on the White House’s website and was using his Twitter account to garner signatures. Then he discovered the president, or the staffers who run his official @POTUS account, had blocked him.

Then the Obama administration went and lied about doing so when asked by the press.  CJ Pearson though took a screen shot to prove the president was lying.

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