Thursday, September 10, 2015

Breaking: MI State House Panel Recommends Expulsion For Gamrat & Courser

The State House committee voted Thursday to recommend
expulsion for two Michigan lawmakers who have admitted to misconduct in covering up their extramarital affair.

Republicans Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat have apologized and asked the six-member committee for a censure and to keep their jobs in a restricted role.

The committee's vote was 4-0 (2 passes).

Rep. Ed McBroom, Committee chairman  said it was "heartbreaking thing," but salso aid neither Courser nor Gamrat had convinced him they could regain the trust of the public and their fellow lawmakers.

Rep Ed McBroom then continued and said."This episode must be put behind us,"

In Michigan’s history only three legislators have been expelled.  This number almost doubles if Courser and Gamrat are expelled.

One though wonders why this much effort has not been put into the expulsion of the "Shooting Senator" Virgil Smith who has admitted shooting his gun at a person that could have caused grave bodily harm?  Could it be his vote is needed to vote with the Republican Tax and Spend Establishment that wants to raise our gas tax and which Senator Pat Colbeck said is actually to fund the medicaid expansion?

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