Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Young Adult Woman Kidnapped Against Her Will By Healthcare System

A Hospital and Activist Judge strip a 20 year old woman of her
constitutional rights. 

Hannah G, who is 20 years old, is like most 20 year olds. She loves her fiancĂ©, dogs, music, apartment, slapstick humor, stuffed animals, McDonald’s Frappes, sports and most other things that capture a young adult woman’s interests. She also loves her family and her many friends who have loved her in return and have supported and encouraged her throughout her life.

“Hannah G's" real name is Savannah Garcia, 20, an autistic patient who passed through Traverse City Michigan's Munson hospital’s doors nearly a month ago and hasn’t stepped outside since. An ongoing legal battle in the local probate court over Garcia’s guardianship effectively kept her within the medical center’s walls.

Erica Canfield, Garcia’ longtime friend, say Hannah (Savannah) wants to return to her own apartment, attend Traverse City Baseball Beach Bums championship games, see a movie at the State Theatre, pet her therapy dog and sip coffee at Starbucks.

“If she were home, she would be on her swing singing loudly to Green Day,” Canfield  had said.

Hannah has been hospitalized at Munson Hospital since August 31, 2015. Hannah has been ready for discharge from Munson since the middle of September. However, she remains held against her will because Munson and her court appointed temporary guardian refuse to allow her to go back home to her apartment or to live with family or friends. Instead, the temporary guardian and hospital want her discharged into an Adult Foster Care [AFC] home where she will be forced to give up her choices and will be more exposed to physical, medical and emotional harm.

The Probate Court, Munson Hospital and Hannah’s temporary guardian have disrupted her life because they believe it is better for her to be away from her family and friends than with them. Instead, Munson Hospital and the temporary guardian want Hannah to live with and be under the care of people who do not know or love her. They can exert this control over her because Hannah has autism and other medical needs.

• In her new life as a Munson Hospital resident Hannah cannot invite her family or friends to visit her. Her temporary guardian, who does not know her family or friends and has refused contact with them, will only allow Hannah’s mother to visit her only once a day for 3 hours. Her sister, who also is her standby guardian, and her brother cannot visit with her at all.

• The judge, by an ex parte court order, which means the judge issued the order without advance notice to Hannah’s lawyer and without giving him the opportunity to respond before issuing the order, has ordered that Hannah’s lawyer only can consult with Hannah twice a week for 30 minutes and must give the hospital and guardian two days’ notice before each consultation. Hannah’s lawyer is challenging the order because many of the facts upon which it was issued are false and it deprives Hannah of her right to counsel.

• Hospital staff have refused to give Hannah her mail since on or about September 21, 2015 even though Hannah can open and read the mail for herself.

• Hannah cannot go outside or anywhere inside the hospital except for her hospital room and the family visiting room on her floor. She has not been outside since August 31st.

• Munson staff have threatened to take Hannah’s phone away from her or to limit who she could call and who could call her. They have not implemented this threat to date.

• The temporary guardian and hospital personnel have ordered away Hannah’s community mental health workers who otherwise work with her 24/7.

• Munson staff are not assisting Hannah in meeting her daily hygiene needs and are now forcing Hannah to use her private bathroom with the door open even though Hannah is not a threat to herself or others.

• Since August 31st Hannah has been denied access to her sensory equipment and her therapy dog.

• These practices violate Hannah’s civil rights to associate with others, receive mail and enjoy her own privacy.

• Hannah wants to go home to her apartment and to be with her family and friends.

Why did this happen? Why is Hannah being treated this way?

Hannah has a medical condition, Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, where pressure builds in her brain causing painful, punishing headaches. In 2012, surgeons installed a shunt to drain the fluid that causes the pressure. Surgeons place a small tube into the brain, place a valve under the patient’s skin outside of the skull and install a tube from the valve down to the abdomen. Shunts like these can require frequent adjustment. When the shunt is inspected, adjusted or repaired it is called a shunt revision.

Beginning in May 2015, Hannah’s mother, with Hannah’s primary care physician’s knowledge and agreement took Hannah to Spectrum Health Services in Grand Rapids after Hannah complained of serious pain. She took Hannah to Spectrum because Hannah’s primary care physician since before 2010 and her neurosurgeon, both practice in Grand Rapids and at Spectrum. The hospital performed the medically necessary diagnostic testing and shunt revision. Hannah’s mother took Hannah home to her apartment when Spectrum Hospital discharged her.

Hannah did well for the next several weeks, but began experiencing headache pain in the first part of July. In mid-July Hannah’s mother took her to her neurosurgeon in Southfield, Michigan for a scheduled appointment. Hannah’s pain had increased significantly in previous days and the neurosurgeon immediately referred her to Providence Hospital emergency room for an emergency lumbar puncture.

At Providence Hospital, tests showed Hannah’s intracranial pressure was significantly elevated but they performed no shunt revision. Instead they recommended Hannah be transferred to Henry Ford Hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Providence transferred Hannah to Henry Ford Hospital toward the end of July. She remained there until early August. Physicians found her intracranial pressure to be elevated and performed a shunt revision where they found the tube between the valve and her brain had become disconnected. They corrected the problem and discharged her in early August.

After Hannah was back in her apartment for a few days her pain increased again and her mother took her back to Spectrum Hospital. While at Spectrum the hospital added a reservoir to her shunt. The purpose for the reservoir is to allow physicians to test the shunt without having to open the skin flap below the scalp to view the shunt itself. Spectrum discharged Hannah to her apartment on August 30, 2015 with significant pain prescriptions.

For all of these hospitalizations, Hannah’s doctors performed objective tests to determine Hannah’s medical condition and needs. Any medical treatment she received was based on the objective medical test results. Again, Hannah’s primary care physician knew about and monitored each hospitalization and each course of treatment. He later testified under oath that in his opinion Hannah’s spring/summer course of hospitalization and treatment was medically necessary and was supported by objective medical testing.

Hannah remained in significant pain when she returned to her apartment from Spectrum. Her mother, her nurse practitioner and other members of her medical care team were concerned about the level of Hannah’s pain and the evident ineffectiveness of her medications.

On August 31st, with her home care medical team in agreement, Hannah’s mother took her to Munson Hospital emergency room, for treatment. Hannah only had been home from Spectrum for about 24-hours. Once at Munson, Hannah’s mother reported Hannah’s medical history, including the spring/summer hospitalizations at Spectrum, Providence and Henry Ford Hospitals. Munson physicians admitted Hannah into the hospital, where she remains to this day.

Within hours of Hannah’s admission, her internist and a staff psychiatrist became concerned about Hannah’s spring/summer hospitalizations and shunt revisions. The next day, with Hannah’s mother’s written consent, they began to gather medical records from the other hospitals. She signed every record release consent the hospital requested.

The internist and psychiatrist did not contact Hannah’s primary care physician, nor did they call and speak to any of the neurosurgeons who performed the evaluations and shunt revisions on Hannah. RN case manager, Beth Urban, later testified under oath that by September 2nd, 2015 Munson hospital officials already were planning to seek removal of Hannah’s guardian, who was her mother, in Grand Traverse Probate Court.

On September 4th the Munson Hospital lawyer prepared and filed an ex parte emergency petition in Grand Traverse Probate Court asking the court to remove Hannah’s mother as her guardian and to name Stephanie Strehl as her temporary guardian and to give Strehl the authority to make all medical and placement decisions for Hannah. Judge Larry Nelson entered the order as requested by Munson Hospital officials, transferring authority for Hannah’s care from her mother to the temporary guardian.

Although Hannah’s lawyer had filed an appearance with the Probate Court hours before the hospital presented its petition to change guardians and although her lawyer also was in direct contact with Munson hospital administrators hours before they went to court, the Court, and the hospital’s lawyer did not contact Hannah’s lawyer before reviewing and entering the order removing Hannah’s mother as guardian.

There now have been two court hearings and another ex parte order entered substantially limiting Hannah’s lawyer’s contact with her. Her lawyer is challenging that order.

The hospital rested its case supporting its claim that Hannah’s mother should not be guardian. They did so without introducing one page of medical records into evidence. They entered no evidence that the doctors or hospitals who treated Hannah performed any hospital procedures without objective diagnostic proof that the procedures were medically necessary. In fact, the only testimony questioning Hannah’s need for spring/summer neurosurgery was the subjective opinions by a Munson Hospital internist and psychiatrist, who only knew Hannah for four days at the time the petition had been filed and who have no personal knowledge of what medical treatment Hannah received prior to her August 31st Munson hospitalization. To this day, the internist and psychiatrist, have not talked to, let alone consulted with, Hannah’s long time primary care physician.

All parents experience anxiety and worry when their children don’t feel well or have medical emergencies. Most parents are not doctors and don’t rely on their own opinions because they know their children need more help than they can provide. For parents who have children with significant health care needs, the challenge is even greater because they have more frequent contacts with the medical profession and are working so hard to be sure that their children’s needs are identified, understood and treated. Parents who have children with significant health care needs are scared to death for their children and want to keep them safe and healthy. They don’t want to miss something that could improve their child’s medical outcome.

Hannah’s case matters to us all. Why can’t medical professionals who question a child’s medical treatment call the child’s primary care doctor? Why can’t they set up a meeting with family representatives to discuss the child’s needs and medical history? Why do they have to blow up a family unit that is doing its best, without first being required to make a reasonable inquiry into the truth of the medical crisis? Why do they have to work against rather than with the parents and family?

Parents feel like they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they take their kids to the doctor, then someone is going to say they overreact and don’t know how to care for their child. If they don’t take them and something happens, someone is going to accuse them of neglecting their child. But of course, the parents beat themselves up more than anyone else could, except in this case, where Munson Hospital seems to be doing a fine job of beating up a parent who loves her child, while at the same time they show little care or concern for Hannah and what she wants and needs.

The Respect ABILITY Law Center is handling Hannah's case than they have received numerous requests from people wanting to know how they can help Hannah gain her freedom.

They ask that you send cards to Hannah and let her know that you are thinking of her. Cards and letters may be mailed to a PO Box and her mother will deliver them.

Hannah Garcia
P.O. 186

Grawn, MI 49637

You can also help by sharing this story on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #FreeHannahG and by making a donation to Hannah's legal fund through a GoFundMe account that has been set up

School Teaching Students About Islam Has Parents Very Upset

Under the guise of social studies some Islamic assignments in Walton County Georgia have a lot of parents unhappy.

The worksheets that students are being required to complete include the tenets of Islam and Talk of Allah, which some parents said crosses the line and they should have been informed about the state curriculum that mandates it beforehand.

Parent Steve Alsup said it is important to tell the entire story about a religion.

"As far as Islam, they are not teaching them the radical side of Islam and they say they are not going to, which to me is half the truth. Especially in today's society, you turn the news on every day or look at social media and there is a radical Islam trying to kill us," the father of three said.

Parent Ryan Breece was so uncomfortable with assignments
his daughter brought home, he talked with an administrator at Youth Middle School and got her opted out of some of the questions.

Now, he is concerned about other students.

"We are getting one watered down worksheet on Christianity when we see five worksheets on Islam. It's not equal and there is no over site for us to know it's equal," parent Ryan Breece complained.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Putin: Do You Realize What You Have Done Championing The Arab Spring

Libya 2011 vs 2007

Vladimir Putin seems to understand the Middle East unlike President Obama.  Today Putin scolded Obama on what his administration has done to the Middle East.

Putin to those who supported “Arab Spring” in Middle East :

 “Do you realize what you have done?”

“Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got
Putin at U.N.
violence, poverty and social disaster — and nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life. I cannot help asking those who have forced that situation: Do you realize what you have done?”

No, they don’t realize what they have done, and they’re poised to do more of it. And those of us who warned at the time that the “Arab Spring” would not lead to “the triumph of democracy and progress,” but to “violence, poverty and social disaster,” were dismissed and derided as racist, bigoted “Islamophobes.” And no matter how often the establishment analysts get things wrong, and disastrously, fatally so, they never get called to account, and keep applying the same failed solutions over and over again.

“Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster — and nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life,” Putin said through a translator. “I cannot help asking those who have forced that situation: Do you realize what you have done?”

The Russian president added that the power vacuum following these revolutions led to the rise of terrorist groups in the region — including the Islamic State group.

He told the General Assembly it would be an “enormous mistake” not to cooperate with the Syrian government to combat the extremist group.

“No one but President  Assad’s armed forces and Kurdish militia are truly fighting the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations in Syria,” he said.

Earlier in the day at  the U.N. , Obama said it would be a mistake to think that Syria could be stable under Assad.

In his speech at the U.N. before Putin, Obama was  boasting about his Libya success which couldn't have been more untrue. . Libya could not be a bigger failure. Libya has degenerated into bloody jihad war, the Prime Minister fled the country last year and in a bit of irony while Obama was bragging over his Libya success, ten died in Islamic attacks in Benghazi. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Coward Obama blocks 13 Year Old Boy On Twitter Then Lies About It

The President of the United States is the president of all the
CJ Pearson
people, as Barack Obama has many times said. But, it would seem, that doesn’t mean he wants to hear from all the people in his Twitter mentions.

CJ Pearson, a 13-year old black student whose video commentaries against liberalism and the president’s policies have gone viral, learned this lesson the hard way.

Pearson has recently launched a petition to get an interview with President Obama on the White House’s website and was using his Twitter account to garner signatures. Then he discovered the president, or the staffers who run his official @POTUS account, had blocked him.

Then the Obama administration went and lied about doing so when asked by the press.  CJ Pearson though took a screen shot to prove the president was lying.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed's Bomb Clock - Part Of A Bigger Conspiracy? Obama Involved?

Irving Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne appeared with TV host Glenn
Beck Tuesday to discuss whether 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed intentionally caused a scare at his school as part of a larger Islamist plot.

Jim Hanson of the conservative Center for Security Policy supported Beck's theory about why the teen brought a homemade clock to Irving MacArthur High School. Van Duyne said Ahmed's  family should let the school release all information about the incident.

Mayor Beth Van Duyne
"This is one side of the story," she said, "but the other side of the story is not coming out."

Attorneys advised the family not to sign a release, according to a spokeswoman with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Beck advanced his theory that the Irving school clock is part of an orchestrated conspiracy of creeping Islamist jihad. He asked Jim Hanson, "Any doubt in your mind that this is really kind of the final throes of weakening us to the point to where we don't ask any questions, to be ready for final confrontation? Total confrontation?"

"No," Hanson replied. He called Ahmed a "pawn" who was put up to it.

Van Duyne questioned why the White House was so quick to applaud the freshman student, and she didn't call his clock a "clock."

"In fact," the mayor said, "I don't even think the picture of the hoax bomb was released before [President Obama] tweeted out, 'Cool clock, kid.'"

The mayor said teachers and police are getting death threats. Irving ISD spokeswoman Leslie Weaver confirmed that some troubling communications have been turned over to police. A police spokesman said the department is also receiving some comments that are strong enough to document.

The City of Irving released a statement Tuesday that does not seem to support the theory that Ahmed's clock is part of a slowly-ticking conspiracy. The statement says the "investigation determined the student apparently did not intend to cause alarm."

On Tuesday afternoon, Ahmed's parents withdrew him from the Irving ISD.

Experts: Donald Trump Right His Immigration - Deportation Plan Will Work

Donald Trump has stated that if he is elected President, he will
round up all the illegals and send them back to where they came from.  A majority coming from Mexico.

Liberal critics said it couldn't be done and would be too expensive.

Trump though, is right again.

A 2010 study by Heritage Foundation scholar Robert Rector has shown those assumptions to be untrue, revealing that deporting illegal migrants actually saves America roughly $700,000 per family.

The report compared total tax contributions from illegal immigrant workers, estimated to be about $13 billion, with all of the taxpayer-funded aid received by illegal immigrants, such as education, subsidized housing, medical expenses, food stamps and tax credits, estimated to be around $113 billion, leaving a net loss to the economy of $100 billion.

The study also showed that it wouldn’t cost nearly as much to round up and deport illegal immigrants as critics claim, as many wouldn’t even have to be deported at all, but would likely return to their own country voluntarily under Trump’s plan.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Not Your Family Friendly Muppets of the 1970s

Tonight the ABC prime network is releasing a new version of the muppets.  Not everyone is happy about the new show including the group 1 Million Moms which describes the show full of sin and perversion.

Here is what the 1 Million Moms wrote on the Facebook page:

ABC's New Adaptation of "The Muppets" is for Adults Only!

1MM suspects there are going to be a lot of shocked moms and dads when they discover that the family-friendly Muppets of the 1970s are no more. It appears that no subject is off limits. ABC's new Muppet Show, airing on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT, is not what Jim Henson imagined and created. The new show is aimed at a mature, modern audience and addresses subjects not suitable for family viewing.

"It's sort of an adult Muppet show," Kermit the Frog said during a promotional video for the show. One ad read, "Finally, a network TV show with full frontal nudity." Technically, the advertisement is correct – seeing how Kermit doesn't wear pants.

The mature version of "The Muppets" will cover a range of topics from sex to drugs. Miss Piggy came out as a pro-choice feminist during an MSNBC interview. The puppet characters loved by kids in the 1970s and 1980s and beyond are now weighing in on abortion and promiscuity.

ABC hopes children watch the show and predict they would enjoy some of the humor, but 1MM would disagree. It is not the show it once was. ABC has ruined "The Muppets." How many parents want to explain the punchline of sexually charged jokes to young children?

Many parents unknowingly will let their children watch an episode only to find out its perverted nature too late, unless they are alerted ahead of time. 1MM and others need to get the word out to families to avoid this program at all costs. Please share this with everyone you know!

Meanwhile, parents will have to explain to confused children that the program they once were allowed to watch is no longer a nice show. This would have been completely unnecessary if ABC had made the program follow its original family-friendly design.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Jeb Bush Feels The Bern At Republican Conference - Punked By Sanders Supporters

Jeb feels the Bern as he unknowingly takes photo
with Bernie Sanders supporters

This past weekend the Republican Party held its bi-annual Republican Leadership conference on Mackinac Island, Michigan. 

Multiple Republican presidential candidates including Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, John Kasich, and Jeb Bush were at the conference.

Also wondering the island were Bernie Sanders supporters wearing
Photo: Matt Maddock
Republican's for Bernie Sanders t-shirts.  Precinct Delegate, Matt Maddock of Waterford MI, took a picture of one these supporters before they pulled their prank on Jeb Bush.

Where this gets good as the Bernie supporters were wearing suit coats and jackets when the ran into Jeb Bush.

They stopped Jeb and ask if they could get a picture.  Jeb not seeing their covered shirts, obliged. 

As they aligned for the camera, Jeb was focused on the camera and not the Bernie supporters.  That's when they took off their coats and snapped this now infamous picture.

Jeb ended up feeling the Bern up on Mackinac Island.

Condolences To A Fellow Conservative Writer

Mary Katharine Ham , Jacob Thomas Brewer and their daughter

If you’re a conservative you probably have read articles from conservative journalist Mary Katharine Ham.  It’s with deepest regret that we offer her our condolences on the loss of her husband Jake. On Saturday, she tragically lost her husband, Jacob Thomas Brewer, in a bicycle accident.

After losing the love of my life, Susan Marie Tabar earlier this
Susan Tabar
Ronald Dwyer & Susan Tabar
year to cancer, I know she will have a long hard road ahead of her.  When you lose a spouse a part of you goes with them. 

Her husband Jacob,  was participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer bicycle rally. According to reports, he lost control of his bike, crossed a double yellow line and hit an oncoming car.

Mary and Jacob have one child together. Mary's also 29 weeks pregnant with their second child.

She released this statement on Instagram:

We lost our Jake yesterday, and I lost part of my heart and the father of my sweet babies. I don't have to tell most of you how wonderful he was. It was self-evident. His life was his testimony, and it was powerful and tender and fierce, with an ever-present twinkle in the eye. I will miss him forever, even more than I can know right now. No arms can be her father's, but my daughter is surrounded by her very favorite people and all the hugs she could imagine. This will change us, but with prayer and love and the strength that is their companion, we can hope our heartache is not in vain-- that it will change us and the world in beautiful ways, just as he did. If that sounds too optimistic at this time, it's because it is. But there was no thought too optimistic for Jake, so take it and run with it. I will strive and pray not to feel I was cheated of many years with him, but cherish the gift of the years I had. In a life where nothing is guaranteed, Jake made the absolute, ever-lovin' most of his time with all of us. This is a family picture we took a couple weeks ago. It was taken because Jake, as always, was ready with a camera and his immense talent. All four members of our little, growing family are in it. I can never be without him because these babies are half him. They are made of some of the strongest, kindest stuff God had to offer this world. Please pray that he can see us and we'll all make him proud. God, I love him. Psalm 34:18, Philippians 1:3

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Woman Chooses Catholic Hospital For Birth Control - Puts Self At Risk

Jessica Mann and her husband
A pregnant Genesee County Michigan woman is speaking out after her hospital refused to tie her tubes because of religious convictions.

She argues it's medically needed because she has brain tumor.   What would having your tubes tied have to do with a brain tumor?

"At this point in my pregnancy I really should be able to focus on getting ready for my baby, just getting prepared to have her in my arms," said Jessica Mann.

"Many patients at Genesys do not know that it's a Catholic healthcare system, and do not know that religious rules are going to govern their care instead of medical standards," said Brooke Tucker.

Well Brooke, people should be researching where they get their healthcare?

Jessica Mann has a brain tumor, and her doctors have told her not to have any more children.

When she does give birth this time she will be completely out, under anesthesia.

So she planned to have her tubes tied so she wouldn't have to "go under the knife" twice.

But her hospital is denying the procedure based on religious beliefs.

Jessica has enlisted the help of the ACLU. It's given the hospital until Friday to reverse its decision or face legal action.

First of all it is a Catholic hospital.  Doctors and staff specifically chose to work at this hospital to follow their beliefs.  To do anything other would be a violation of their rights and faith.

Second and most important, why would you want a doctor and hospital on that matter performing a surgery that they have ZERO experience on? Seems to the prudent thing to do would be to find a hospital that has the experience just for safety reasons alone.  

Jessica though would rather play activist and put her health at risk to get her 15 minutes of fame rather than do the prudent thing and find a doctor and hospital with experience on the surgery she is requesting. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Benishek Out - Arcand or Allen In? Michigan 1st Congressional Seat Wide Open

Michigan 1st District Congressman Dan Benishek (R), announced Today that he would not seek reelection, keeping with a self imposed term limit.
Dan Benishek

"Today I'm announcing that I won't seek re-election next year, which will allow me to focus my time and attention on helping our veterans and working to make things better for the families and workers throughout Northern Michigan, and devote more time to my family," said Benishek in a statement released to UPMatters.com.

Benishek promised to stay in Congress for only 3 terms when he first ran 6 years ago.   Once considered a Tea Party darling when he beat incumbent Bart Stupak (D), he fell from favor with the Tea Party for his votes on continueing resolutions that increased the national debt and continued to
Alan Arcand
fund Obamacare.

Two names being mention to replace Benishek include Alan Arcand - a  business owner from Iron Mountain Michigan and  former state Sen. Jason Allen, who lost to Benishek in the 2010 primary by just 15 votes.  Allen has served as deputy director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency since 2011.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Common Core Education Leads To Islam Being Taught In Public Schools Over Christianity

Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is hot after hearing about what is going on in
Tennessee schools and quite possibly schools in your own neighborhood.  

She said, "There is a big difference between education and indoctrination. It is reprehensible that our school system has exhibited this double-standard, more concerned with teaching the practices of Islam than the history of Christianity. Tennessee parents have a right to be outraged and I stand by them in this fight."

It was discovered by a parent that last week students in a Spring Hill Tennessee 7th grade class were learning about the pillars of Islam under the guise of history studies.

Maury County Director of Schools Chris Marczak has asked parents concerned about a seventh grade social studies class on the history of Islam to discuss their questions in a Sept. 17 meeting with district teachers and administrators.

"If we are truly going to Grow Maury County together, then we need to openly talk and discuss about what we want to emphasize in our county," Marczak said in a noon Thursday statement to district parents.

"I encourage you to talk with your children, talk with your teachers, and talk with your principals. We are here to help your children be prepared for Life."

Marsha Blackburn
The issue arose over new common core state-mandated standards on middle school social studies about early American history. The standards were developed two years ago and implemented in the 2014-2015 school year.

A Spring Hill Middle School parent complained after seeing a school project her daughter had created featuring the Shahada, or Five Pillars of Faith in Islam: prayer, almsgiving, fasting, pilgrimage and creed.

The creed pillar is known in Arabic as "Shahada," and in transcribing it students were instructed to write, "Allah is the only God," said parent Brandee Porterfield.

"These [papers] belong to my daughter in seventh grade at Spring Hill Middle. They have studied Islam for three weeks, but skipped the whole chapter on Christianity because it's not in the state standards."

Porterfield said her daughter's teacher "was not happy about it," but told the parent she must teach to the standards.

"She said this will be on TCAPs. Both her teacher and Principal Shanda Sparrow said students would not have to write the Shahada again.

"The teacher approached my daughter before class and was
very understanding. My daughter told her she would not recite or write the Shahada or anything saying 'Allah is the only God.' The teacher said she wouldn't have to."

During class time on Tuesday, Porterfield said the teacher verbally asked students about the five pillars, "And the students were reciting the Shahada."

Marczak said Thursday the section covers early American History, world history early civilizations to the Roman Empire, Middle Ages through exploration of the Americas, and colonization to reconstruction of the Americas.

"Our teachers work together to make sure that our students are learning what is expected through the Tennessee academic standards. For this last section on the Islamic World this past week, our educators had students complete an assignment that had an emphasis on Islamic Faith. The assignment covered some sensitive topics that are of importance to Islamic religion and caused some confusion around whether we are asking students to believe in or simply understand the religion.

"It is our job as a public school system to educate our students on world history in order to be ready to compete in a global society, not to endorse one religion over another or indoctrinate."

Marczak said he has discussed the parental reaction with Maury County Commissioner Donna Cook and District 64 State Rep. Sheila Butt about the state standards for the curriculum.

Cook said she has asked the matter be placed on the Board of Education's Sept. 10 meeting so citizens can relate their concerns.

Marczak said the Tennessee State Standards on World History in 7th grade require students be taught "historical facts and our students are required to write as part of learning (being able to cite evidence from text). Teachers don't encourage belief in any certain religion over another. We have students of all faiths in our classrooms and all students cover each world religion."

"My child was required to write 'Allah is the only God'," parent Joy Ellis said. "This is a seventh grade state standard, and will be on the TCAP. Christianity was completely skipped and is not a standard. I didn't have a problem with the history of Islam being taught, but to go so far as to make my child write the Shahada, is unacceptable."

Here is the complete statement issued at by Marczak:

Message from Director Dr. Marczak: By now, many of you have heard what is taking place with concerns to the teaching section of middle school social studies. The standards that we have in place from the State of Tennessee are newer standards that were developed in 2013 and implemented last year, 2014-15 school year. In middle school, the standards have us address early American History, world history early civilizations to the Roman Empire, middle ages through exploration of the Americas, and colonization to reconstruction of the Americas. Our teachers work together to make sure that our students are learning what is expected through the Tennessee academic standards. For this last section on the Islamic World this past week, our educators had students complete an assignment that had an emphasis on Islamic Faith. The assignment covered some sensitive topics that are of importance to Islamic religion and caused some confusion around whether we are asking students to believe in or simply understand the religion. It is our job as a public school system to educate our students on world history in order to be ready to compete in a global society, not to endorse one religion over another or indoctrinate.

I encourage all Maury County parents to be their child's first and main teacher. It is our job as parents of our own children to instill in them the beliefs of our individual households. It's important that we establish a good working relationship with our children's teachers and schools so that when there are questions or concerns, teachers and principals are the first line of asking. If we are truly going to Grow Maury County together, then we need to openly talk and discuss about what we want to emphasize in our county. I encourage you to talk with your children, talk with your teachers, and talk with your principals. We are here to help your children be prepared for Life.

More State Reps Caught In The Affair Act This Time In Minnesota

Minnesota has its own version of  Michigan's Todd Courser
and Cindy Gamrat, they are Tim Kelly and Tara Mack.

A newly released police report and Sheriff’s email is shedding more light on what may have transpired during a park rendezvous between Minnesota State Representatives Tim Kelly (R-Red Wing) and Tara Mack (R-Apple Valley).

According to the police report, written by Dakota County Park Ranger Jordan Moses, he was on routine patrol August 25 through the Lebanon Hills Visitors Center in Apple Valley, and noticed two cars parked remotely in the north parking lot.  Young children were playing in the south parking lot.
“When I was roughly 20 yards away,” Ranger Moses writes, “I noticed both parties were leaned in towards the center of the car engaging in intimate behavior.”

When the trooper was approximately four feet away from the car he asked them what they were doing there. “Nothing, is there a problem?” Kelly responded.

The trooper writes that Mack’s pants and belt were pulled down to mid-thigh, and she was wearing blue/teal underwear.  Ranger Moses writes that he asked, “Why the female’s pants were pulled down. They both gave no response to the question and the female tried to cover herself up by repositioning in her seat and folding her hands above the exposed area.”

When Mack returned to her car to get her drivers license, “She stepped out of the car and pulled her pants up as she walked towards (the car).  As she was walking, I could distinctly hear the sound of her belt as she fastened it back into place,” Ranger Moses writes.

The trooper writes he told them they were committing an act that constitutes a nuisance and issued them both citations.

Soon after the incident, Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie writes in an email that he called Rep. Mack as a professional courtesy.  He said he was sorry it happened, and explained she can pay a fine or dispute the charge.

“She said she was glad the deputy came along to save her from an uncomfortable situation,” Sheriff Leslie writes.  “She referred to it as divine intervention. She said she was grateful.”

But Sheriff Leslie writes, she called back and had “changed her tune,” after hearing there were written details regarding the citation.  Sheriff Leslie informed her that in essence the report said she was in a car with her pants down and unzipped.

“She did not comment other than to say this is very salacious and she is married to a minister and her career could be ruined,” Sheriff Leslie writes.

Sheriff Leslie said he responded, “I said I understood that but if you are choosing to say that the park ranger lied or is not telling the truth than I have a big problem.”

Sheriff Leslie writes that Mack then asked if the ranger was wearing a body camera.  “I said no,” Sheriff Leslie writes.  “His word against yours.”

Mack said the ranger told them to “get a hotel.”

When the incident was disclosed last week by the Pioneer Press, Mack and Kelly insisted they were simply exchanging documents in the park, strongly denying any romantic encounter. They accused the ranger of lying in his report and said they would file a complaint with the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office.  Days later, citing family concerns, they said they would not fight the citation and pay the nuisance fines.

Gamrat Expelled - Courser Avoids Historical Shame By Resigning

State Representative Todd Courser resigned early Friday
Courser /Gamrat
morning rather than be expelled by his colleagues.

Republican Rep. Todd Courser announced his resignation, effective immediately, and was escorted out of the chamber. His decision came amid a marathon overnight session in the House over whether he and Rep. Cindy Gamrat should stay in their jobs.

Courser yesterday tried to save his position with a rambling speech to the Michigan State House and then tried to act as preacher again before being shut down by the House Leadership as Courser was asked to keep comments to the resolution.   For the record Courser is an attorney, not a preacher and pretending to be one after the lies and scandal he was involved in, it probably wasn’t the smartest move on his part.

"I just felt like it was the appropriate moment to do it," Courser told reporters after he resigned at 3:30 in the morning. "I put everybody through a whole bunch — across the state, my own family, the constituents, the people in this room. ... Whether it was the third vote or the fourth vote or the fifth vote, they were going to eventually get me."

Representative Gamrat was expelled after a 3:30 am vote.  Republican House Speaker Kevin Cotter kept all locked in house chambers until a vote was completed.  A first vote was done at 9pm on Thursday Sept 10 and there was not enough votes to expel either one of them.   A re-vote was ordered until the vote Cotter and the Republicans got the vote that they wanted.

Gamrat said she plea bargained with the committee and was promised that if she testified against herself, she would receive censure only. However the investigative committee is denying that fact.  Her attorney has shown a copy of the plea agreement to WXYZ Channel  7 in Detroit.  Will she fight further on her being expelled?

Democrats have called the investigation a sham, called it rushed and self-serving, and they questioned why two "whistleblower" aides to Courser and Gamrat were allowed to be fired by GOP leadership, since the speaker's office knew of problems in the lawmakers' combined office. They said the matter should be looked into by law enforcement and the former aides subpoenaed to testify to lawmakers.

Many have also questioned as to the timing of this expulsion.  With every vote needed to raise the gas tax, Courser and Gamrat were solid no votes.   Senator Patrick Colbeck previously stated that this gas tax increase was to cover the medicaid expansion under Obamacare and not really there to fix the roads.   There is also the question of the Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof and major Republican Political Donor  Ron Boji's new Senate building deal which has all real estate experts scratching their heads as to why the building was purchased well beyond the actual market value.

Unfortunately the master manipulator, who invokes God and Jesus just about every time he opens his mouth, fooled many with his preacher like ways, is the one that is getting away with this basically unscathed in a historical aspect.  For he will not go down in history as being expelled but as resigning.  Others have resigned their posts for various reasons, most recently State Rep Tim Melton of Auburn Hills.   Tim Melton resigned to take a private sector job in California.  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Not Enough Votes To Expel Gamrat Courser - Is Republican Leadership Renigging On A Gamrat Plea Deal

Could the Courser Gamrat soap opera is coming to an
Cindy Gamrat Testifying
end and not the way Michigan House Republicans wanted?    The Republican leadership wasn’t able to get the two-thirds House majority vote to expel State Reps Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat.

After a 67-14 vote, with 26 Democrats refusing to vote and two Democrats absent, Republicans called for a reconsideration of the vote and the board was still open as of 9 p.m.

Cindy Gamrat said she worked out a deal that if she admitted wrong doing- which she did- that she would face censure not expulsion.    Republican Speaker of the house Kevin Cotter is saying no deal was made.  House Democrats do not believe  Kevin Cotter and Cindy Gamrat’s attorney has given WXYZ 7 in Detroit a copy of the agreement. 

Breaking: MI State House Panel Recommends Expulsion For Gamrat & Courser

The State House committee voted Thursday to recommend
expulsion for two Michigan lawmakers who have admitted to misconduct in covering up their extramarital affair.

Republicans Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat have apologized and asked the six-member committee for a censure and to keep their jobs in a restricted role.

The committee's vote was 4-0 (2 passes).

Rep. Ed McBroom, Committee chairman  said it was "heartbreaking thing," but salso aid neither Courser nor Gamrat had convinced him they could regain the trust of the public and their fellow lawmakers.

Rep Ed McBroom then continued and said."This episode must be put behind us,"

In Michigan’s history only three legislators have been expelled.  This number almost doubles if Courser and Gamrat are expelled.

One though wonders why this much effort has not been put into the expulsion of the "Shooting Senator" Virgil Smith who has admitted shooting his gun at a person that could have caused grave bodily harm?  Could it be his vote is needed to vote with the Republican Tax and Spend Establishment that wants to raise our gas tax and which Senator Pat Colbeck said is actually to fund the medicaid expansion?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

ISIS Terrorists Blended In With Refugees

The spike in the flow of refugees arriving in Europe has
increased concerns that jihadist fighters could be sneaking in under the guise of asylum seekers, prompting media speculation.

Hungary’s most watched national TV channel, M1, reported Tuesday that at least two “terrorists” were uncovered via photographs on social media after entering Europe as refugees.

“Islamist terrorists, disguised as refugees, have showed up in Europe. The pictures were uploaded on various social networks to show that terrorists are now present in most European cities. Many, who are now illegal immigrants, fought alongside Islamic State before,” the report said.

The Hungarian channel broadcasted collections of photographs of the two men from social media. The first set depicted two individuals with weapons and the second set showed them smiling as they arrived in Europe.

How many other terrorists are blended in with the refugees?

In Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder wants to place as many as 50,000 Syrian refugees into the City of Detroit to repopulate the city.   How many of those 50,000 could be potential terrorists?

Constitutional Scholar / Historian Explains Why The Kim Davis Jailing Was Wrong

The following is from a Facebook Post by noted Constitution Scholar and Historian David Barton.

By David Barton
Wall Builders 
An increasing number of media and other voices have criticized Kim Davis for not issuing homosexual marriage licenses in Rowan County, Kentucky. Their complaints generally fall into three categories.

First, she is violating her oath of office by following her religious convictions (comments such as “She is a public servant who took an oath” – voiced in the LA Times).

Second, gay marriage is the law of the land (comments such as “By saying she won't issue the marriage licenses while serving in office, Davis is . . . violating an oath she made before God to uphold the Constitution and laws of the U.S. The Constitution requires her to issue licenses for gay couples” – voiced in Bloomberg News).

Third, she knew this was part of her job, so she should perform it (comments such as “She ran for this office, she knew what was involved” – voiced in the Chicago Tribune).

Consider an historical and traditional constitutional perspective on these three categories of complaints.

First, the issue of oaths. Today, the oath of office has become something perfunctory and almost meaningless – a mere civic formality. But in previous days, it was an act of high religious significance – a fact affirmed by those who formed the governing documents Davis and other officials have sworn to uphold.

Supreme Court Justice James Iredell (a ratifier of the U. S. Constitution placed on the Court by President George Washington) observed that an oath was a “solemn appeal to the Supreme Being for the truth of what is said by a person who believes in the existence of a Supreme Being and in a future state of rewards and punishments.” So, an oath involves a belief in personal accountability to God.

Constitution signer Rufus King added: “By the oath which they [our laws] prescribe, we appeal to the Supreme Being so to deal with us hereafter as we observe the obligation of our oaths. The Pagan world were and are without the mighty influence of this principle which is proclaimed in the Christian system—their morals were destitute of its powerful sanction while their oaths neither awakened the hopes nor fears which a belief in Christianity inspires.” Hence, an oath of office includes the conviction of accountability to God according to Judeo-Christian morals.

Founding Father John Witherspoon further added: “An oath, therefore, implies a belief in God and His Providence and indeed is an act of worship. . . . In vows, there is no party but God and the person himself who makes the vow.”

So to take an oath as required in our Founding documents (1) presupposes that the oath is an act of worship, (2) recognizes personal accountability to God, and (3) acknowledges that the accountability occurs according to Judeo-Christian morals. Therefore, under the traditional American understanding, an oath of office is to uphold the Constitution with the recognition that the person taking the oath will account to God according to how he or she comports with Judeo-Christian morals. On this basis, Davis has refused to perform homosexual marriages.

The second major criticism of Davis is that she refuses to follow the “law of the land” – that the Supreme Court has spoken, and thus the matter is over. But those who make that claim know little about American, constitutional, or judicial history.

For generations, it was recognized in America that a decision of the Supreme Court was exactly what the Court says it is even today. The top of every Court ruling states “The Opinion of the Court,” and an “opinion” is defined in the Oxford Dictionary (and others) as “a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.” This hardly constitutes a “law of the land.” But somehow, today the personal opinion of five of nine unelected American lawyers is the equivalent of the Constitution ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures of the American people. To make the claim that these are legal equivalents defies logic.

Previous generations did not tolerate this nonsensical premise. As Thomas Jefferson affirmed, “[T]he opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action, but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch.” He continued, “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions [is] a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. . . . The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal.” He concluded that if we ever allowed the opinions of judges to become the law of the land, then “The Constitution, on this hypothesis, is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the Judiciary which they may twist and shape into any form they please.”

To hold that five unelected individuals can make their personal opinion the “law of the land” is to believe that those five are infallible. They are not. As Jefferson affirmed: “Our judges are as honest as other men and not more so. They have, with others, the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps. . . . [A]nd their power the more dangerous as they are in office for life and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control.”

In the American Republic, the “law of the land” does not come from the Supreme Court, which did not even have its own building until 1935. (Before that, the Court met – by the Founding Fathers deliberate design – in the U. S. Capitol, where it conducted its business under the watchful oversight of Congress.) As specifically stipulated in the U. S. Constitution, the “law of the land” comes from the body of elected individuals that meet in the tall domed building across the street from the Supreme Court. Understanding this, officials in previous generations regularly refused to follow U. S. Supreme Court decisions, and were rarely criticized for doing so.

For example, when the Supreme Court in its now-famous Marbury v. Madison decision ordered President Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of State James Madison to take certain actions, both men ignored the Court’s order, calling it a “perversion of law.” And when the Court likewise ordered President Andrew Jackson to take certain actions, he, too, refused, explaining: “Each public officer who takes an oath to support the Constitution swears that he will support it as he understands it, and not as it is understood by others. . . . The authority of the Supreme Court must not, therefore, be permitted to control the Congress or the Executive.”

And when President Abraham Lincoln took office, it was following the Supreme Court’s decree in the Dred Scott v. Sanford decision that Congress could not prohibit slavery – that slaves were only property and not persons eligible to receive any rights of a citizen. But Lincoln rejected the Court’s ruling, explaining in his Inaugural Address that “The candid citizen must confess that if the policy of the government upon vital questions affecting the whole people is to be irrevocably fixed by decisions of the Supreme Court, the instant they are made . . . the people will have ceased to be their own rulers, having . . . resigned their government into the hands of that eminent tribunal.”

The refusal of these officials to follow Court opinions was not due to personal stubbornness but rather was because they themselves also had read, understood, and knew the Constitution. Part of the checks and balances inherent to the American constitutional system is that unelected officials do not get the final word; the people do.

The third major criticism of Davis is that she is she knew what she was getting into and therefore should never have run for office. But this is a factually inaccurate statement. Davis ran for office in 2014; the Court issued its personal opinion in 2015 – a year after she was in office. She did not know that she was going to be asked to implement a federal policy that no American in the history of the Constitution had ever before been asked to enforce: issue a license for a homosexual marriage. She is now being punished for refusing to do something that was not part of her job description when she took office. In fact, her punishment smacks of an “ex post facto” policy. As even the very progressive Wikipedia explains, “An ex post facto law is a law that retroactively changes the legal consequences (or status) of actions that were committed, or relationships that existed, before the enactment of the law.” The Constitution explicitly prohibits this in Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 3, yet this is dangerously close to, if not exactly what is happening to Davis – except that it is not a law under which she is being jailed but rather the decree of a judge; but the results are the same.

In short, the complaints that Davis is not upholding her oath of office, not following the law of the land, and that she knew what she was getting into are all criticisms that ignore facts, common sense, and traditional constitutional and judicial history.