Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bruce Jenner Proves Transgenders May Look Like Women But Are Really Men With Men's Desires.

Surgically altered Bruce Jenner is still only into women ...
despite what the producers of his show want you to think.

A promo for this week's episode of "I Am Cait" casts doubt on Bruce Jenner’s alter ego “Cait”’s sexual orientation, but even though he thinks he is a woman, his choice has not wavered an inch -- he's not attracted to men.

So the question must be asked as numerous communities are allowing transgender’s into opposite sex restrooms and locker rooms are we giving the key to perverts that would normally not have access to those areas?

You can try to change your look but you cannot change your biological make up.

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  1. From what I heard, Caitlin Jenner is pregnant with Chaz Bono's love child!!!!!