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Courser in 2008
Not all Tea Partiers, Conservatives and Christians were for Todd Courser.  Many saw through his deceit sooner than others but those others also wised up pretty quick.

Courser was a political newcomer out of Lapeer county and used many people with his slick persona.  He started off small but grew quickly.  Being in the thumb area he quickly sought out those with name recognition to help him quickly learn the political landscape.  One of those persons was long time political strategist Susan Tabar of Port Huron in 2008.   She quickly
Susan Tabar
learned that Todd was not who he said he was and realized his ego when he attempted to take on her friend Phil Pavlov for the Michigan Senate seat in 2010.  Todd thankfully lost that seat to Phil Pavlov who has done a fine job  senator.

In 2012 I was introduced to Todd Courser, as a 9th Congressional District
Senator Phil Pavlov (Center)
Fighting to Protect The Great Lakes
From Canada's Proposed Nuclear Waste Dump
Executive Board Member. Todd was running for his first statewide position as School Board Member.  A few days before the district's annual summer picnic I received a call from Todd's campaign manager asking if I could endorse and introduce Todd to the politicos of Oakland County.  I wasn't ready to support or endorse Todd at that time as I had not done my prudent research.  Todd though made his own rounds at the picnic and procured some high profile endorsements on his own. It was at this time I was made aware of Todd's shenanigans in the Thumb region thanks to Susan Tabar and a few other politicos in Michigan's Thumb region.  Thankfully do to some campaigning against Courser, he lost the School Board Race that year.

Todd Courser - Cindy Gamrat 2015
Is Todd Courser a real life Dorian Gray?
Compare his look from  2008 to 2015
In 2013 after a tough defeat from the 2012 presidential elections.  Many conservatives were calling for the removal of all establishment heads.  Todd Courser's name came up again this time to run for State Party Chairman against current Chairman at the time Bobby Schostak.  Former Reagan aide and Political Strategist Norm Hughes became his campaign advisor.  Many had asked Norm to run but due to personal obligations he was unable to at that time.  It was a nasty campaign with a lot of mud slinging.
Bobby Schostak
 Much of the advice Todd was given was thrown out the window but the venom flowing through many conservatives knowing that we would have another four years of Barack Obama clouded the judgement of many.  The night before the election it appeared Todd may actually have the votes to beat the current Chairman at the time Bobby Schostak.  This is when Susan Tabar, yours truly and several other conservatives did an all out late night and early morning push whipping for Bobby Schostak. Because of the hard work of those involved, Bobby Schostak squeaked out a 89 vote victory over Todd Courser.  

Wes Nakagiri
We knew the battle wasn't over as the running joke now would be what would Todd Courser run for next.  Lt. Governor?  Governor?  Many people forget that he also was toying with the idea of running for Supreme Court Justice.  He did give serious consideration for running for Lt. Governor and did a smear campaign against Lt. Governor Candidate Wes Nakagiri with several e-mail questioning Nakagiri's ability to serve in that capacity.  The incumbent Lt. Governor was Brian Calley who was facing the challenge. 

Jan Peabody
In 2014 he ended up running for State House Representative in the 82nd district and beat Jan Peabody in another nasty race that involved sticker's being put on her lawn signs stating that they were illegal and supposed flyer passed around town stating Todd Courser was a child molester.  Based on recent developments of his false flag e-mail word is leaking out that Todd Courser himself may have left those flyers around town to gain the sympathy vote to beat Jan Peabody. He eventually did beat Peabody but by 300 votes.  This left many questioning where Courser got his poling information from as on of his flyers had him with over a 20 point lead over Peabody.  Was this another Courser false flag?

Norm Hughes
Courser has successfully alienated many of those that had once helped him. After losing the Chairman's race to Bobby Schostak, Todd's campaign advisor Norm Hughes cut all times with him.  Norm discovered through that campaign that Todd Courser was not who he said he was.  Yesterday Norm Hughes posted in his own words what he thought about Todd Courser to clear  the air and to state that he cut ties with Courser a few years ago:

THE FIRST RULE IS WHEN YOU ARE SINKING IN A HOLE, STOP DIGGING.- Former Reagan Aide and Political Strategist

It was extremely hard to listen to this to the end. Last week MIRS, Gongyer and others asked me a number of questions on this. As you may know, I owe Todd nothing. He has been extremely ungrateful, disrespectful and dishonest with me. I essentially wrote him off two years ago. But I did tell the media he could still vote for his constituents, the first job of a rep. I declined to heap ashes or add to the story, although I certainly could have.

At the least he exposes other key failures, like poor selection of consultants, staff, failure to supervise and direct staff effectively, failure to see that constituent matters were handled timely and appropriately. And, he diminishes even his wife, claiming problems, that she has known it for months, that they are working through this.

Todd is an imposter. He has an huge ego problem and messianic complex. He told me the only reason I helped him was the Spirit forced me to because he was the chosen one. He does not practice what he preaches.

I am confident there is more. In the 8 minute segment the News posted there is much speculation on what else they might find - "you mean, how far back?" or something to that effect.

I was willing to live and let live. I believe in redemption and second chances. But this is way too far. The conservative movement loses two seats over their moral, personal and political weaknesses. It is a blemish on all of us as well as the Lord. It gives the heathen another chance to posit Christians are phony and hypocritical.
I know many of you have been friends of Todd's, praying for and with him, riding his roller-coaster of plots and schemes - as I did for a couple years. You should see now, at least, his incompetence, lack of judgment, unfaithfulness and disrespect for his Lord, wife, family, friends, helpers, the movement, co-workers, authority, YOU, etc. I encourage you to pray for him but put distance. Do not let it take you down by association. Now, lets find some true conservatives to run in the 80th and 82nd.

We agree with Norn, it is time for Todd to step down.  He has let his constituents down with his behavior and lack of respect, calling them "The Herd" meaning sheeple.  He has disrespected the office, Christians that he portrayed himself to be a self-righteous leader of, his family, and the family of Cindy Gamrat with is illicit behavior.  He has also embarrassed all in the state of Michigan as his story has become one of the top trending stories on facebook and his story has gone international.   Michigan is suffering because of his selfish actions. 

***Correction & Update *****Ron, I was never Todd's "campaign manager." I did advise him, not that it was listened to or implemented. I would appreciate it if you would use a different word. In 2012 we sought a home school parent with some political experience and conservative leanings to run for State Board of Education. As other candidates declined, Todd decided to run. He ran as a conservative and had some electoral experience, however not as a victor. UpRight Michigan PAC, which I Chair, did a significant amount of work and spent some money to get him nominated, whipped the convention for him and others, winning our entire slate, then circulated about a million poll cards for him and our other nominees - and against Proposals 2, 3 & 4 in the 2012 general election. As for the 2013 Chair race, he pre-empted our candidate selection by declaring himself.

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