Wednesday, August 12, 2015

State Representative Tom Leonard - Todd Courser Violated The Public Trust - He Must Resign

Tom Leonard
In a no holds barred Facebook post Michigan State Representative Tom Leonard from Michigan's 93rd House District said that Todd Courser violated the public trust, Todd's statements trying to cover up the affair are troubling and sick and that the people of Lapeer as well as Michigan deserve better and that Todd Courser should resign immediately.  Here is what State Representative Tom Leonard posted on his Facebook page:

Last week, the Detroit News revealed disturbing allegations regarding Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat. These two individuals have families, including young children. I cannot even begin to imagine what they are experiencing right now. The spouses and children of these legislators need our prayers now more than ever.

Speaker Cotter has ordered a full investigation and I commend him for that and I will review the findings of that investigation thoroughly. That said, the actions of Courser, the words spoken by him in the recordings posted by the Detroit News last week and his statement this morning are not just troubling, but sick.

Coming to Lansing, I knew that my colleagues and I would face many challenges. However, never in a million years did I believe a serving legislator would be heard on a recording, directing his state-paid staffer to cover up an alleged affair with a fake email discussing outlandish claims. Mr. Courser knowingly communicated bold-faced lies in an attempt to mask the truth. He is now trying to make himself the victim. It is an atrocious violation of the public trust and unworthy of the office.

Each serving State House member has been placed in a position of public trust by 90,000 people. It is an honor and great responsibility that none of us should take lightly. I have spent the past three years reaching out to as many of the 90,000 in my district as possible. While there are many diverse opinions, the one consistent theme I hear from most of them is this – the public no longer trusts politicians.

It is clear that over his eight months in office, Todd Courser has violated this trust. As a legislature, we have many serious issues to tackle over the next 17 months for Michigan’s hardworking families. Todd has now become not only a distraction, but a liability to this body as we move forward to solve these problems. If he truly cares about this state and the 90,000 people who entrusted him in this position, he should resign immediately. The citizens of Lapeer County and this great state deserve better.

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