Friday, August 14, 2015

State Representative Cindy Garmat Breaks Her Silence And Speaks To Media About Scandal With Todd Courser

Rep. Cindy Gamrat broke her week-long silence regarding an
alleged affair and cover-up with fellow Rep. Todd Courser, addressing the media during a 2 p.m. news conference today.

Gamrat spoke at the office of an attorney she hired this week: Andrew Abood of the Abood Law Firm.

The primary reason for her press conference she said was to apologize to her constituents and those across Michigan. 

Cindy Gamrat changed direction and took questions from the media which she wasn't expected to do.  She had two former supporters that served in the armed services in combat.  She stated that if these two guys can look down the barrel of a gun, then it is really nothing to speak with you (the media).  
Gamrat stated she does not intend to resign at this time.

She believes an investigation will show that she did not break any laws.

She was unaware of the bizarre e-mail from fellow State Representative Todd Courser whom she has been reported to have a sexual extra-marital affair with. 

Gamrat stood by her husband and thanked him for standing by her.

They are seeking marriage counseling.

Gamrat also stated no staff were fired to cover up their affair.  She named Keith Allard when asked by a reporter and stated he did not do his job properly.  Allard was a previous staffer for Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm.

When asked if she would be resigning she said that is not what she was here today for.  She was here to apologize but for the time being she thinks staying on as a State Representative for the 80th District is the right choice.  She is not ruling our resigning at a later date.

She did state that her and Todd Courser's offices have separated and that they will be working professionally but independently.

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