Monday, August 24, 2015

Sex, Lies, Texts and Misuse Of Public Funds - These Are The Days of Our Lansing Legislators

The preliminary findings from a House Business Office probe
Todd Courser / Cindy Gamrat
have come in this afternoon.  The preliminary report states that Michigan state Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat did misuse  taxpayer funds to attempt to cover up their extra-marital affair.

Addressing the media this afternoon, Director Tim Bolin said, "After completing the investigation, we have preliminary findings of both misconduct and the misuse of taxpayer resources by both representatives."

Bolin continued, "Asking an outside counsel to review the report is a normal process to protect the privacy and confidentiality of affected individuals and ensure compliance with Human Resources regulations.   The findings will be made public once the legal review has been completed."

A little over two weeks ago Courser and Gamrat were exposed for having an extra-marital affair.  A recording leaked to the Detroit News and released by the paper opened up the investigation.

The preliminary finding of the misuse of taxpayer funds comes from Todd Courser asking his staff to send out a false flag e-mail stating he was into male prostitutes and was a sexual deviant picking up these prostitutes all over Lansing.  This e-mail was an attempt to cover up his affair with Gamrat.  

Courser said he came up with the idea after receiving blackmail texts.  His brother Dan has also reported receiving texts as Courser didn't respond to his.  A private investigator has been hired to track down the texter and the results of these findings should be released sometime this week. 

Courser believes that his affair, which was known by Speaker of the House Kevin Cotter since May, came out now as Courser is going after the Senate Majority Leader Arlen Meekhof - Ron Boji Senate Building deal and has asked Attorney General Bill Schuette to investigate a potential "friends and family cronyism deal" that could cost Michigan taxpayers $70 million or more.

According to whistleblower and former staffer Josh Cline, he told Cotter of the affair back in May and it fell on deaf ears.  Cline said he had to resign because of the affair and that his integrity was of utmost importance, in his televised media press conference last Monday.  Just a day later in West Michigan Politics, Brandon Hall reported that Josh Cline had an Ashley Madison spouse cheating site himself.  Which added more fuel to the speculation that Courser and Gamrat where under the microscope because they wouldn't play ball with the "Lansing Mafia" as Courser described.

This story is far from over as more twists and turns are surely going to come out in the next days and weeks.

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  1. Courser angrily stated he made reports to and demanded investigations by the police when he was being victimized by salaciously worded fliers (or was it the emails, too?) which have been revealed he produced both the fliers and emails. He even claimed the police were involved in the cover up in cahoots with his Nemesis, the *Lansing Mafia* as he calls it.

    A police spokes person stated they have no record of Courser filing a police report. But if in fact he did, it would be then a false report and even more wasted tax dollars having them investigated.