Friday, August 14, 2015

Michigan State Rep Todd Courser's Brother Dan Courser Says He Got Blackmailer's Text Too

This case of State Representative Todd Courser's scandal
Dan Courser
widens as his brother Dan Courser chimes in and say that he too received texts from the blackmailer.   If true how did this person get Dan Courser's telephone number?

Several people have commented that they think the account of the blackmailer is a fabricated story. This simply is not the case. I also received blackmail texts from this mysterious number urging me first to convince Todd to converse with the blackmailer and later tried to convince me to urge Todd to resign from his position or else he/she would bring out destructive info. about Todd.

Below are snapshots of the texts from my droid x2 and the last one after I changed phones to my iphone 4s.  - Dan Courser

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