Sunday, August 16, 2015

It Is Time To Build The Wall And Mexico Will Pay For It

There is absolutely no excuse that our southern border with Mexico can not be sealed.  Every other
country in the world defends their borders but us.  As Donald Trump has said, our politicians are stupid! They are also greedy.

Many politicians in both parties are using the illegals for their own self interests over the American people and Mexico loves this.  The illegals are mostly criminals and if not they are criminals once they sneak over that border.   Why should we reward anyone with Citizenship with their first act in our Country is a criminal one?

There are two reasons why our politicians are allowing these illegals in:

1) It is cheap labor almost slave labor for their big money donors.  Many wages are paid under the table so there is no way to verify if these illegals are even making minimum wage.  Why hire an American worker and have to page minimum wage or great plus possibly health benefits, when you can pay an illegal pennies on the dollar?

2) It is all about votes.  The leadership in both political parties aren't concerned about their constituents they are concerned about winning.  That is why you hear politicians on both sides of the isle fighting for amnesty.

Donald Trump has come out and said that if elected he will build the border wall and Mexico will pay for it.  Mexico laughed at Donald saying that are not paying for it.  

The fact is they can and should pay for the wall Did you know that we give Mexico $14 billion a year?  How to do they thank us?  By sending their deadbeats over to us over the border illegally.  You know the murderers, the rapists, the thieves... ETC..

In reality we already built a combination of security walls and fences along 653 miles of roughly 1,900 miles of southern border. It cost us only 7 billion. So,  to build a security wall along the remaining 1,300 miles, it will cost us roughly 14 billion.  On the other hand we are giving Mexico in financial aid 14 billion every year. So just one year of cancelling of the financial aid will pay for the wall. Further, we should cancel financial aid to Mexico altogether and use 14 billion every year to deport people who are here illegally. In year 2,000 we deported 1.86 million illegal aliens. Now we deport only 350,000 per year. With additional funding we can deport all illegal aliens within a short period of time and free between 30-42 million jobs for American citizens. Today we have 94 million Americans, who are not in labor force and need the jobs the illegals are taking for a lot less pay.

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